Make It Or Break It

5:30pm Sunday, July 4 on TV2

Brand new teen drama set in the catty and ultra-competitive world of Olympic gymnastics, Make It Or Break It, premieres on TV2 today.

The Rock Gym in Boulder Colorado is the training home of Olympic gymnastic hopefuls Lauren Tanner (Cassie Scerbo, Soccer Mom), Payson Keeler (Ayla Kell, Without A Trace), and Kylie Cruz (Josie Loren, Hatching Pete). Although the girls are the best at the Rock, all of that changes when Emily Kmetko (Chelsea Hobbs, Confessions Of A Go-Go Girl), a pretty but less affluent scholarship girl, arrives on the scene with exceptional talent that can knock any one of the girls out of the top three.

Emily is already faced with difficulty, having just moved to Boulder with her quirky unemployed mother (Susan Ward, Toxic), and her younger brother Brian (Wyatt Smith, The Perfect Game). But after watching her floor work, an intimidated Lauren tells Payson and Kaylie that they should sabotage the new girl’s efforts. Can Lauren win her rightful spot on the team?

Peri Gilpin (the husky-voiced Ros from sitcom Frasier), was tempted back to television after the birth of her twin daughters to play the part of Payson’s mother, Kim Keeler, saying she was won over by the Make It Or Break It writing.

“Every script is like a Christmas present,” she says. “It’s just full of great storylines and great characters.”

“There is sensitivity and honesty and authenticity, which I love about these girls; the way they talk to each other, the way they talk to their parents, the way they handle their sports.”

Gilpin suggests that the competitive world of gymnastics is not too dissimilar from the acting profession, adding a layer of authenticity to the girls’ performances.

“It’s a competitive world of acting for all of us. And they treat their parts the way their characters treat their gymnastics – they all work really, really hard.”

It’s been six years since the finale of Frasier, and Gilpin says she can now enjoy watching herself in re-runs of the popular show, and finds herself surprised by the stories.

“I really can watch it and not remember what we did. So it is really funny because when you shoot it and watch it that week you go, ‘Why did they use that take. My hair!’ Now I really enjoy it.”