Make Me A Supermodel

Friday 12 September, 7.30pm

There’s never been a better reason to stay in on Friday night! This week TV2’s Make Me A Supermodel, hosted by internationally renowned supermodels Niki Taylor and Tyson Beckford, features a guest photographer from New Zealand, Russ Flatt.

The competition heats up when the models have to take it all off. They’ll learn the need for poise and elegance while taking direction from an artist and the temperature will rise even further when the models must let go of all their inhibitions to pose for a circle of art students who will sketch them in charcoal.
When Auckland photographer Russ Flatt got a call from his New York agent last November asking him to be a guest photographer on Make Me A Supermodel he didn’t hesitate. “I had a feeling it would be a lot of fun,” Flatt says, “and I wasn’t disappointed.”

Flatt directs and shoots a series of group portraits for the show, then joins the judging panel to make a controversial cut. “The atmosphere was electric,” Flatt explains. “By the time I arrived the models had been kept under constant supervision for more than a month, unable to contact the outside world. Some were feeling the pressure and it resulted in some pretty extreme behaviour.”

Flatt says he wasn’t fazed by working alongside supermodel host Niki Taylor. “I was based in New York for nine years,” Flatt says. “I worked with lots of celebrities, such as Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Yoko Ono and Oprah Winfrey. You soon realise the best way to treat them is like anyone else.”

Flatt, who is Ngati Hau, grew up on Auckland’s North Shore. He trained in photography in London before moving to New York to assist world-renowned French photographer Brigitte Lacombe. Flatt struck out on his own in 2000 developing a successful career in fashion photography and portraiture. His work has appeared in I.D, GQ, Vogue Homme International, V and Vman.

Flatt returned to New Zealand in November 2006 to care for his parents. He works in fashion and advertising here and across the Tasman and is currently in negotiations to work on the second series of Make Me a Supermodel in the US, plus the first series in Australia.

Tune into TV2 on Friday night at 7.30pm to see the 11 remaining male and female contestants battling it out for the prize of a lucrative modelling contract and a fashion spread in a monthly glossy, on Make Me A Supermodel.

Friday 22 August, 7.30pm

This Friday on TV2 the hunt is on for the next great supermodel! Hosted by internationally established models Tyson Beckford and Niki Taylor, Make Me A Supermodel sees 14 hopeful male and female contestants fighting it out for a lucrative modelling contract at a leading agency and a fashion spread in a monthly glossy.

Living together in a New York City loft, the contestants explore friendships, romance and naked ambition while undergoing a series of creative challenges designed to test their professional modelling potential. This series will explore what it takes to turn the exceptionally good-looking into the king or queen of the catwalk.
The hopefuls come from a diverse range of backgrounds, from Ben, the deputy sheriff correctional officer in Nashville, to Frankie, the business administration student who works part time as a valet at a condo complex. All the contestants have put their lives on hold in pursuit of the dream to become a supermodel.

Host, Niki Taylor, is one of the most successful international models of all time. Beginning her modelling career at the age of 14, she has represented a variety of powerful brands in fashion and beauty campaigns around the world, and has graced the covers of nearly every major magazine. She was famously featured in Vogue magazine as a teenager, making her the youngest model to ever appear on their cover.

Tyson Beckford’s modelling career exploded when he appeared in a high profile 1994 Polo Sport campaign, landing him an exclusive multi-year contract with Ralph Lauren as a spokes-model for Polo Sport and Polo Fragrances. Beckford’s film credits include Into The Blue, Zoolander and Biker Boyz. He has also starred in a number of music videos including 50 Cent’s chart topping 21 Questions, and the Grammy Award-winning song Toxic by Britney Spears.

Immerse yourself in this world of modelling and join Tyson and Niki to see who’s up to the challenge on Make Me A Supermodel this week, as the contestants take on their first photo assignment with photographer Lee Strickland, striking their first poses in the middle of New York’s Times Square.

The US is set to copy the UK reality competition (with host Rachel Hunter) “Make Me A Supermodel” in 2008.

Niki Taylor (yay!) and Tyson Beckford will host the show based in New York where the models compete for $100,000.

Can’t wait!

Rachel Hunter’s reality TV show, Make Me A Supermodel (season 2) starts tonight on VIBE at 7:30pm.

We saw a couple of episodes of the show at a Vibe preview. Take 14 models (half boys, half girls) and make them live together, do crazy tasks (like modelling in a leotard or burning their favourite outfit) and compete for the public’s vote and you’ve got a show with plenty of reality TV material. The other judges are all quite interesting – especially photographer Perou.

Channel Premiere: Make Me A Supermodel
Vibe – Saturdays from 6 October, 7.30pm

Follow twelve of Britain’s hottest guys and girls living together under one roof as they go head to head competing for a spot in the limelight as the UK’s newest supermodel. Some of the world’s best stylists, make-up artists, photographers and catwalk producers put the wannabe models through their paces with daily tasks, early morning photo shoots and catwalk elimination ‘walk-offs’. Our very own Rachel Hunter acts as judge and confidante, joined on the panel by top model agent Tandy Anderson, hot fashion photographer Perou and GQ’s Editor, Dylan Jones. Prepare for tears and tantrums as the aspiring models compete for the title and the ultimate prize in the ruthless modelling industry: a contract with top UK agency Select.

If you’ve been following the Make Me A Supermodel saga, Jasmine Lennard has continued to hit out at Rachel Hunter after being fired:

Jasmine said Rachel Hunter “was stomping around with a very sour face whenever she saw me…she would turn around to avoid me. And there were a few people close to her who were very bitchy and rude to me.” She said Rachel used “playground bullying tactics”.

Rachel Hunter said in an earlier interview: “I felt sorry for her. She was just there, that’s all.”

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Rachel’s now a judge on the UK show Make Me a Supermodel and the presenter of the show has been fired because of the derogatory comments she made about Rachel!!

When the presenter, Jasmine Lennard,was a contestant, she said Rachel was spotty and fat and needed a personal trainer.

This year, the presenter called Rachel Hunter “Rachel Munter”.

The production company said: “It was very clear in her contract that no derogatory comments were to be made about any of the panel who in the first series eliminated her in the early stages. As she broke this we sadly had no choice but to sack her.”


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