Making New Zealand


Five one-off documentaries and extensive Anzac day coverage in 2015 have been supported by NZ On Air, bringing more true New Zealand stories to our screens.

Latest funding decisions include support for two live broadcasts by TVNZ on Anzac day next year, marking the centenary of the Anzac troops landing at Gallipoli. As well as live coverage of the dawn service at the capital’s new War Memorial Park, TVNZ will also broadcast the commemorative wreath laying service there later in the day.

A special episode of Descent From Disaster will also be made for TV One focused on the Gallipoli campaign. The Platinum fund documentary will retrace the devastating events as told by direct descendants of individuals who served at Gallipoli.

Māori Television’s Anzac coverage will include a documentary on Māori resistance to World War One, a discussion with the Governors General of New Zealand and Australia, The Anzac Conversation, and a half-hour highlights package.

Funding has been previously announced for Māori television to provide a live broadcast of the commemorative service in Gallipoli.

“Our investment in live coverage and new documentary content marking 100 years since the Gallipoli landing is an important cultural contribution. These quality television programmes will ensure New Zealanders have a greater understanding and appreciation of the sacrifices made a century ago by our Anzac troops,” says NZ On Air Chief Executive Jane Wrightson.

Other one-off documentaries supported include a return to the closed West Coast religious community Gloriavale. The Gloriavale Project – Part 2 will look at attitudes and practices around birth and death. The first documentary on Gloriavale screened earlier this year to a large and engaged audience.

Another follow-up is a one-off continuation of the highly acclaimed Platinum fund Making New Zealand series on Prime, looking at the history of mining and drilling in New Zealand.

Live deer capture from helicopters in the late 70’s and 80’s is the subject of Deer Devils, and the medical crisis we face as antibiotic resistant bacteria render our 20th century medicines ineffective will be explored in Peak Antibiotics.

Funding details
Descent From Disaster – Gallipoli Special, 1 x 1 hr, Screentime New Zealand for TV One, $224,785 (Platinum)
Making New Zealand – Mining And Drilling, 1 x 1 hr, Top Shelf Productions for Prime, $184,845 (Platinum)
The Gloriavale Project – Part 2, 1 x 1 hr, Pacific Screen for TV2, $170,000
Deer Devils, 1 x 1hr, Iguana Films for Prime, $154,980
Peak Antibiotics, 1 x 1hr, Octopus Pictures for Prime, $149,675
Anzac Day 2015, 1 x 60 mins & 1 x 90 mins, TVNZ for TV One, $141,340
Anzac 2015, 1 x 1hr & 2 x 30 mins, Māori Television for Māori Television, $140,000

Prime’s new season launch also included the same sentiment used by TVNZ during their launch, that they had a stronger and more exciting range of programmes than ever before.  In Prime’s case, it is actually true.  Picking up the CBS deal has meant that a number of new shows will air on Prime from one of America’s biggest studios.  New shows like Vegas, Beauty and the Beast (starring NZ’s own Jay Ryan) and Elementary will provide excellent new US dramas while 60 Minutes will give Prime their first foray into current affairs.  There is also the new look American Idol which will air reasonably close to the US air dates as well.  There are a number of great looking NZ shows including a spectacular look at New Zealand From Above  and documentary series, Making New Zealand, about the big infrastructure projects that have made us.

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