Making Over America With Trinny and Susanna

8:35pm Friday, April 9 on TV One

A new Friday night line-up sees British fashion gurus, Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine, transform America one state at a time in the new series, Making Over America With Trinny And Susannah, tonight at 8.35pm on TV ONE.

After 15 years of adding polish and panache to thousands of women around the world, renowned British style mavens and the original UK hosts of What Not To Wear, Woodall and Constantine are jumping the pond to take on the United States. The pair bring their stellar fashion sense and flair to help style-challenged Americans get the makeover they deserve.

The series follows their journey across the country, helping America’s hardest working women realise their true potential. Armed with no holds barred opinions, a healthy dose of tough love and a special box of tricks, Woodall and Constantine will stop at nothing to help American women go from frumpy to fabulous.

Each episode sees Woodall and Constantine receive nothing more than a name, an address and a cry for help from a truly style-challenged woman. Then, the race is on as they have just four days to completely transform the life of their fashion victim. But before they begin to change her shoes, Woodall and Constantine must walk in them first by spending a day with each woman’s family and a day at her job, in order to fully understand the life of the individual they are trying to help.

Complete with closet overhauls, heart-racing shopping challenges and getting stripped down to their knickers, these fashion ‘femme fatales’ will go to any length to help these women find their true selves.

Starting from the bottom-up, the pair teach women to embrace their shapes and to not focus on size. They never rely on diets or designer clothes; their mantra is to show off what you love and hide what you hate. And forget Fifth Avenue – Making Over America With Trinny And Susannah shows how style can be found just outside everyone’s door, by exploring local stores, hair salons and beauty parlours for a transformation that anyone can manage in their hometown.