Making the Band

MTV – Mondays from 06 October, 5.00pm

Pack your bags and prepare to hitch a ride, ’cause season 3 of Making the Band 4 is going where no season has gone before — on the road! And you’ll get to see just what it takes to put on an eye-popping concert night after night. It’s like having an all-access backstage pass!

After skyrocketing to the top of the charts with their respective albums, Danity Kane and Day26 are set to embark on a nationwide tour with Donnie Klang as their opening act — all under the watchful eye of their mentor Diddy. But before they can step onstage and wow the crowds of screaming fans, they’ve got to practice, practice, practice. Yes, even though it seems like they’re living the high life, the pressure’s still on.

Monday May 5th @ 5pm

Find out what’s going on with the all-male-super-group picked by Diddy during season 1. Season 2 is here, and band mates plus suprise winner Donnie are back together, ready to begin their journeys in the music industry and record their debut albums. With a twist – tune in to see what Diddy’s got in store!