Man Hunt

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Monday 19 December, 7.30pm

The members of the Baka tribe are all less than five feet tall, but their bravery is legendary. Aussie adventurist Hayden Turner travels deep into the remote rainforest of Cameroon to follow these nomads and learn their strategies for survival. Using spears, smoke and crossbows, the Baka fearlessly take on the most dangerous animals in their forest.

Channel Premiere: Man Hunt

Crime & Investigation Network – Monday 26 November, 7.30pm

The dramatic pursuit of the world’s most dangerous and notorious criminals. They were fugitives from the law whose heinous crimes launched an army of international investigators: serial killer and night stalker Richard Ramirez, the Versace murderer, the spree killer Andrew Cunanan, and the American heiress turned revolutionary Patty Hearst.