Man vs. Wild

Air New Zealand has enlisted the services of Bear Grylls for their new on-board safety video.

The video is the first to be filmed outside of an actual plane, instead utilising the scenic Routeburn Track and surrounding area in the South Island.

Bear GryllsWanaka will reportedly play host to Bear Grylls for two months this year.

The Man vs Wild adventurer is said to be basing himself and a sizeable crew in the Central Otago town, with 100 rooms booked at the Grand Mercure Oakridge Resort.

The news comes on the same day as it was announced that Grylls has signed a new deal with Discovery Networks International for a new six-episode series entitled Bear Grylls: Ultimate Survivors.

Grylls has spent time in the area previously when he filmed an episode of Man vs Wild in the Mount Aspiring National Park during the month of the Christchurch earthquake.

7:30pm Wednesday, January 30 on Prime

Reality Series

Adventurer Bear Grylls is stranded in Southern China in the aftermath of a typhoon. He’s dropped deep in the mountainside and has to tackle huge, rain swollen rivers, climb monster waterfalls, cross vertiginous limestone gorges and use every ounce of his survival skills to demonstrate how to get back to civilisation. Along the way, Bear is attacked by stinging ants and uses ancient tribal techniques to catch bats for food. After another heart-stopping climb, he is plucked from a typhoon-hit river by a local Chinese fisherman.

7:30pm Wednesday, January 23 on Prime

Reality Series

Bear Grylls travels to Big Sky Country, Montana. One of the last untouched areas in the United States, Grylls must negotiate the huge waterfalls and gullies. But first, he finds a little time for paragliding!

7:30pm Wednesday, January 16 on Prime

Reality Series

Bear Grylls is dropped on a deserted island in the Pacific and begins his quest for food and water. Once he constructs his raft, he must find a creative way of hydrating himself…

7:30pm Wednesday, January 9 on Prime

Reality Series

Bear Grylls travels the globe taking on the world’s toughest environments, but he is never alone. In this behind-the-scenes episode, meet the dedicated crew that follow him every step of the way.

7:30pm Wednesday, January 2 on Prime

Reality Series

Bear continues his adventures in the wilds of Alaska. On a raft made out of oil drums he takes to the high seas, gets up close and personal with humpbacks, and is stranded on an iceberg.

7:30pm Wednesday, December 19 on Prime

Reality Series

This week Bear locks horns with the Deserts of Southwestern Texas. As he travels through the parched land he traverses gorges, locates an oasis and takes on a diamond back rattlesnake.

7:30pm Wednesday, December 12 on Prime

Reality Series

Bear Grylls ventures deep into the heart of the Vietnamese jungle where he tangles with a deadly spitting cobra, braves a raging jungle river and encounters blood-sucking leeches. Bear uses his bushcraft skills to make bamboo traps and spears a catfish. The jungle is a dark and forbidding place, and Bear has to use all his survival skills and improvising navigation aids to keep him off the floor and the jungle’s nastier inhabitants.

7:30pm Wednesday, December 5 on Prime

Reality Series

Bear heads for the icy waters of the Arctic Circle, where he tackles frozen waterfalls, hunts wild reindeer and battles against some of the coldest conditions on the planet.