CRIME & INVESTIGATION – Saturdays from 3 July, 5.30pm

Marked travels to the most remote places around the globe and introduces us to some of the world’s most secretive societies. The audience will be fully immersed into the culture and customs, experiencing the rites of passage that must be embraced in order to earn the “mark” or tattoo – the ultimate symbol of acceptance in a closed society. In the series, we’ll get unprecedented access to unknown societies like the ultra-secretive Japanese Yakuza, a 600 year old group that banded together because of their shared markings. Other possible episodes will feature the underground Cuban tattooing community, where inking is done is back alleys and basements and groups of people who communicate through the markings on their bodies. It will take perseverance and ingenuity to get “Marked,” but as the Samoans say, “Short is the pain, long is the ornament.”