MasterChef Australia

Coming to you four nights a week, MasterChef Australia is back and it’s better than ever!

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Now that we’re sitting around in the cold, TV networks are trusting that we’re sitting down in the evenings to watch what they’ve been saving up for us. Programming foreign hit shows during our peak winter TV viewing season is what they’ve done for years but with the internet playing a more and more stronger role in how people access their television, the return from doing so is going to become increasingly more difficult.

What I find confusing though is that our TV networks tend to opt for US content in prime time peak viewing over local content. While it’s not always the case, I would expect right now that the majority of our funded local content should be on our screens. Sadly, this isn’t so. Continue reading »

Before we get into tonight’s show, here are my updated rankings:

6 (down from 4):  Jaimie and Bec (Purple aprons): These two are good cooks, and work pretty well under pressure, but as they said themselves last week, they are running out of middle.  They haven’t regularly been near the top OR at the bottom, but squarely in the middle.  Time is running out for them.

5 (no change):  Trudie and Shelley (Teal aprons): I find it hard to separate this duo from Jaimie and Bec.  The same arguments could be made for both pairs.  It comes down to who does better on the night.

4 (up from 6):  Glynn and James (Light blue aprons): These two have proven me wrong time and again with their cooking.  Dark horses in the mix?  I would like to hear less surprise about still being in the competition and more cooking to prove why they should stay there.

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New_Zealands_Got_Talent_logoLast year, NZ On Air funded New Zealand’s Got Talent for its first season on TV One to the tune of $1.6m dollars.  For that investment, each of the 13 episodes had an average audience of 872,152 viewers and became the highest rating show of the year.

At the end of the series, TVNZ announced that there would be another series of the show despite having any commitment from NZ On Air for funding.  So far, Jason Kerrison has been confirmed as a returning judge for the series and the nationwide auditions start at the end of the month.

What this demonstrates is that TVNZ are either incredibly confident that NZ On Air will come to the party at the 11th hour with the funding they need or they believe that show produces audience numbers strong enough that they can fund it entirely out of advertising and sponsorship and come out the other side in the black. Continue reading »

7:30pm Saturday, September 22 on TV One

After 69 episodes, 50 final contestants, celebrity guest chefs including Rick Stein, Jamie Oliver and Marco Pierre White, and more cooking challenges than you could shake a kangaroo steak at, the season finale of MasterChef Australia is here.

Singaporean-born, 41-year-old Audra Morrice is up against 23-year-old electrician Andy Allen and 26-year-old legal secretary Julia Taylor. The final three must fight their way through this last episode to prove they are worthy of the MasterChef crown.

Firstly, the contestants are challenged to serve entrees to over 100 MasterChef Australia fans. Roping in former MasterChef Australia contestants to help, the final three battle for the best score in order to proceed in the final.

Once the scores are revealed, the final two face an invention test to define Australia on a plate, and a pressure test to recreate a terrifying dessert.

This final is no mean feat, and success or failure is decided on the smallest of margins. It’s time for Audra, Andy and Julia to cook for their MasterChef lives for the very last time.

We’ve had a week of Coronation Street at 5:30pm and Masterchef Australia at 7:30pm on TV One. Well, sort of. Masterchef aired at both 5:30pm and 7:30pm on Monday and then there was no MasterChef on Friday due to the RWC build up.  

Taking a look at the last two weeks of ratings, how has it fared? First up the 5:30pm time slot.

Monday: RWC replay 180492 (10th) vs Masterchef Australia 286,940 (17th)
Tuesday: Masterchef Australia 279,710 (11th) vs Coronation Street 340,800 (18th) 
Wednesday: Masterchef Australia 303,870 (12th) vs Coronation Street 323,830 (19th)
Thursday: Masterchef Australia 232,260 (13th) vs Coronation Street 256,900 (20th)
Friday: Masterchef Australia 281,520 (14th) vs Coronation Street 312,550 (21st)

So looking at the figures, the 5:30pm timeslot appears to be doing better with the change by about 19%.

Now to the 7:30pm timeslot.

Monday: Border Security + The Force 681,290 (10th) vs Masterchef Australia 440,300 (17th)
Tuesday: Coronation Street 423,420 (11th) vs Masterchef Australia 358,000 (18th)
Wednesday: SPCA Rescue 546,330 (12th) vs Masterchef Australia 384,930 (19th) 
Thursday: Coronation Street 527,250 (13th) vs Masterchef Australia 273,600 (20th)
(Friday had RWC build up programs on both weeks so don’t count)

The 7:30pm timeslot has lost a third of it’s audience on the same time the previous week.  Bear in mind that this is only a weeks worth of data.  However, the numbers aren’t too flash.

If we do some comparisons between the two shows themselves, Coronation Street lost 35% of its average audience in its first week of the change while Masterchef Australia increased its average audience by 33%.

Unfortunately for TV One, the increase in numbers for Masterchef Australia won’t be what they were hoping for.  

Loads of discussion everywhere about Coronation moving to 5:30pm. Here’s the NewstalkZB story from this morning

There’s doubt that TVNZ’s controversial Coronation Street move will boost viewer numbers leading into the news.

The soap will be on five days a week at 5.30pm, head to head with TV3’s soap Home and Away.

Regan Cunliffe from says moving it to and replacing the 7:30pm time slot with MasterChef is aimed squarely at pulling in high-spending younger viewers.

“I wouldn’t necessarily say that it’s a smart move to put Coronation Street where they have but certainly as far as Masterchef is concerned I think they’ll be on to a winner there,” he told Newstalk ZB’s Mike Hosking.

“It’s all about getting the ad revenue and that’s where the numbers are and the target demographic now.”

AUDIO: Regan Cunliffe from talks to Mike Hosking

Mr Cunliffe says the move will annoy older viewers, but TVNZ doesn’t care because they’re outside the demographic aimed at by advertisers.

“By making a decision like this, they’re effectively saying if you’re over 55 we don’t care, if you’ve been a loyal TV watcher for the last 30 years and we’ve been enjoying making lots of ad revenue off you, thanks but it doesn’t matter.”

He says already there’s been ballistic reaction from loyal viewers which is all good publicity for TVNZ.

An online petition has been launched by fans of Coronation Street against TVNZ’s decision to move the British soap to 5.30pm.

By this morning, the petition had over 1500 signatures from fans that are angry with the broadcaster for moving Coronation Street to an earlier time in order to promote MasterChef Australia to the primetime 7.30pm slot.

TVNZ has yet to confirm whether or not Coronation Street will return to the 7.30pm slot when MasterChef concludes in November.

A spokesperson for the broadcaster is urging Coro fans to focus on the positive, the fact that they will get an extra half hour of the soap each week. An omnibus will be screened on Saturdays also.

The schedule changes begin on October 17.

Source: Stuff

TVNZ announced today that MasterChef Australia is moving to 7:30pm every weeknight on TV ONE as the series heats up in the all important final stages. 

Last year’s nail-biting MasterChef Australia final proved a primetime winner with New Zealand audiences, with 1.1 million Kiwis tuning in to its conclusion and an average audience of 563,500 (AP5+)*.

Jeff Latch, Head of TV ONE and TV2, says: “New Zealanders clearly welcomed the opportunity to watch the final of MasterChef Australia in primetime, so this year we are excited to screen at 7:30pm the final action-packed weeks of the Australian MasterChef competition.”

“The schedule change for MasterChef Australia, together with our unique coverage of the Rugby World Cup and the 2011 General Election during the months of October and November will require a change to the scheduling of a number of primetime shows including Coronation Street,” he says.

“Mindful of the need to provide regular access for Coronation Street viewers, the programme will be scheduled weekdays at 5:30pm on TV ONE; an extra half-hour each week. In addition, a weekend omnibus edition of the week’s shows will be scheduled, and episodes will be available online using our popular TVNZ OnDemand service.”

The schedule changes will take effect from Monday 17 October.

Chefs line up for MasterChef

Nigella Lawson, Heston Blumenthal and Rick Stein have all been confirmed to appear in the next season of MasterChef Australia. Australian chef Matt Moran will be joining the cooking show as a series regular.  

More criticism for Glee

Novelist Bret Easton Ellis has become the latest critic of TV series Glee, likening the show to “a puddle of HIV.” Ellis tweeted: “I like the idea of Glee but why is it that every time I watch an episode I feel like I’ve stepped into a puddle of HIV?”

Former Idol winner to perform

Former Amercan Idol winner David Cook will return to the Idol stage next week with his new track from his second album. The season seven winner will perform on the results show.

Nickelodeon renews iCarly

Nickelodeon has renewed teen series iCarly for a fifth season. The half-hour sitcom will begin production on the next run in 2012.