Masterchef New Zealand

Here’s a bit of a look at just how bad the Masterchef ratings are for TV3. Firstly, here’s what six season premieres look like.
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masterchef-logoMediaworks have invested heavily in reality TV programming in the hopes of boosting their ratings by picking up the shows that have been cancelled by TVNZ. The shows, by themselves, aren’t that bad. The ratings, however…

Sunday night’s ratings for the sixth season premiere of Masterchef New Zealand on TV3 can only be described with words like awful, tragic, and horrendous etc. A dismal 159,390 people tuned in for the first live episode broadcast. And in case you need to read that number twice, it was 159,390 people.

The fifth season on TV One had an average audience per episode of 464,971 while the previous lowest rating episode had been 351,890, also in the fifth season. Continue reading »

Season 6 of MasterChef New Zealand begins Sunday July 26 and will screen at 7pm Sundays on TV3.


MediaWorks is pleased to announce that Michelin star chef Josh Emett and acclaimed restaurateur Mark Wallbank will be joining Al Brown on the judging panel of TV3’s MasterChef New Zealand.

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masterchef-logoWhile we already know that Al Brown will be one of the judges on TV3’s reboot of the Masterchef New Zealand series, Spy has suggested that Josh Emmett will be returning to the series and will be joined by Auckland restauranteur Mark Wallbank.

The name on everyone’s lips is Metro restaurateur of the year Mark Wallbank, but he could be challenged by bolter Nic Watt from Masu. Continue reading »

Campbell LiveMany casual observers of the ratings have opined all manner of theories as to what is going on at Mediaworks, particularly in regards to the review of Campbell Live. What is clear is that post the review announcement, viewers have flocked back the show and have regularly made it the most watched thing on TV3 each weeknight. Unfortunately, those viewers have tended to abandon the channel post 7:30pm, leaving TV3 with audience numbers that are much lower than they’d want.

Some have suggested that the discussion around audience retention into the evening was a shifting of the goal posts but this is simply untrue.

In 2009, TV3 told us that the reason they would never move Home and Away from its 5:30pm slot was due to the audience it delivered 3 News. After TV3 lost the Aussie soap, the 3 News audience hasn’t been the same and they’ve never been able to schedule something that delivers the same level of retention at 6:00pm. Continue reading »

Al Brown

Paul Henry has announced the first judge of the new season of Masterchef New Zealand on TV3 during The Paul Henry Show this morning.

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This 60 second clip is running on TV3 at the moment and claims they have the biggest shows ever on TV3 in 2015.

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SimonGaultCelebrity chef and restaurateur Simon Gault has confirmed he won’t be back for series six of MasterChef New Zealand.

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masterchef-logoMediaWorks is excited to announce the casting call is now open for New Zealand’s hottest cooking competition, MasterChef New Zealand.

Producers are on the hunt for contestants from around the country who have an unrivalled passion for food.

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