MasterChef: The Professionals

Here’s an alternate take on the recent finale of BBC series MasterChef – The Professionals in the UK featuring food that most of us may be a little more familiar with.

SPOILER: Avoid if you don’t want to find out who wins.

FOOD TELEVISION – Weeknights from Monday 7 June, 9.30pm

This is a show where professional chefs feature as contestants whom are put through their paces to find out who will be crowned champion of MasterChef: The Professionals. This exciting, nerve-wracking series follows the hunt for a young chef who can make it to the top of the culinary world. Legendary double Michelin-starred chef Michel Roux Jnr and MasterChef judge, Gregg Wallace, are searching for the chef that has the skills, commitment, palate and style to make it one day to a Michelin standard.

7:00pm Monday, December 21 on TV One

Thirty-six chefs are put through their paces to find out who will be crowned the champion, on MasterChef: The Professionals (tonight on TV ONE at 7pm). Well-known, double-Michelin-starred chef, Michel Roux Jnr, and ingredients expert and MasterChef veteran, Gregg Wallace, are on the hunt for a young chef with the ambition, drive and talent to make it to the top table in the culinary world.

Over the course of the series, 36 chefs are filtered down to one winner. First up is the heats – three ambitious young chefs face two gruelling cooking challenges. In the first, they have just 50 minutes to create two dishes based around the same central ingredient. For the second round, they must recreate two classic dishes, but to the highest standard. For two of the three, their dream will end right there, as only one contestant from each heat goes forward into the quarter finals.

In the quarter finals, the winners of each week’s heats will be put to the test, as they cook for three restaurant critics. Only perfection will do, as the critics hold no punches in their examination of the food. Two from each quarter final will go through to the finals. Having cleared the previous hurdles, the six remaining contestants will face pressure, stress and strain as they endeavour to use their ingenuity, their experience and their professionalism, to get through a variety of challenging cooking environments, in order to show they are worthy of the ‘Champion’ title.