Masterchef USA

GordonRamsayTV chef Gordon Ramsay is heading to New Zealand in support of The Rising Foundation.

The Hell’s Kitchen, F-Word and Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares star will headline a gala dinner as well as paying a visit to Papakura High School.

Let’s hope he actually makes it this time around.

Ramsay is headlining a glittering gala dinner sponsored by international appliance giant Beko, raising support and money for The Rising Foundation. Continue reading »

8:30pm Monday, December 24 on Prime

Reality Series

In this feature-length finale, the top three chefs are whittled down to two who will face off in a single challenge to determine who wins the title of MasterChef and US $250,000. They are given two hours to create a three-course menu of their choosing. Whose bold flavours will win them the coveted title? Join us for the exciting show down!

8:35pm Monday, December 17 on Prime

Reality Series

We’re down to the final four home cooks! Tonight they’re asked to prepare a three course meal for Graham Elliot, Joe Bastianch, Gordon Ramsey, plus three world renowned chefs Guy Savoy, Daniel Boulud, and Alain Ducasse. The home cooks will be split into teams of two. Since Christine won the challenge last week, she gets to pick her teammate. The Red Team consisted of Christine and Becky. The Blue Team consisted of Josh and Frank once again setting up a “battle of the sexes”.

8:30pm Monday, December 10 on Prime

Reality Series

The remaining five home cooks select the mystery box ingredients they will need to create a dish that best represents who they are, but the judges surprise the contestants with a game changing twist. Later, in the elimination challenge, the home cooks will have a limited amount of time to conceptualise and recreate one of Graham Elliot’s signature dishes that he served to President Barack Obama at his flagship restaurant. Find out whose dish is fit to impress the Commander-in-Chief and who will be sent home.

8:35pm Monday, December 3 on Prime

Reality Series

The remaining six home cooks have been summoned to one of the top restaurants in Los Angeles for a team challenge that will test their culinary skills and palettes more than ever before. Tonight the six contestants will run the kitchen at Michelin star restaurant Hatfield’s, with the winners from the last challenge, Becky and Frank, serving as team captains. Becky, who had the most outstanding dish, gets to pick her team first. The team members meet Karen and Quinn Hatfield, owners and head chefs of the restaurant. The Hatfields teach them how to create four complex dishes: the appetizers croque madame and handmade agnolotti, and the entrees braised venison and baked branzino.

8:35pm Monday, November 26 on Prime

Reality Series

With Josh now back in the MasterChef kitchen, the three judges introduce the remaining seven home cooks to the next Mystery Box Challenge. As usual, the person with the best dish will get a huge advantage in the next Elimination Test. Before opening the boxes, Chef Ramsay warns the competitors to open the containers carefully because what’s inside is alive. Blind player, Christine, is understandably nervous about the task ahead.

8:35pm Monday, November 19 on Prime

Reality Series

The top six home cooks enter the MasterChef kitchen, only to learn that none of them will be cooking today. Instead, they are sent to the gallery to observe that the last eight people who were eliminated are being welcomed back. Stacey, Josh, Tali, Tanya, Cowboy Mike, Anna, and Scott enter to the applause of the remaining competitors, although the returning Ryan does not receive as warm a reception. The eight former contestants will compete in a Second Chance Mystery Box Challenge. The two with the best dishes will then compete head-to-head, and the winner will have cooked their way back into contention for the top prize.

8:35pm Monday, November 12 on Prime

Reality Series

The seven remaining home cooks enter the MasterChef kitchen to find the biggest Mystery Box in the show’s history. The contestants are delighted to find a very special guest inside the wooden crate, the Pride of Savannah, Paula Deen. The competitors discover that Paula has handpicked the ingredients in the Mystery Boxes just for them. Inside they’ll find all they will need to ‘strut their stuff, Southern style’: a whole chicken, green tomatoes, collard greens, grits, blackberries, hot sauce, pepper jelly, bacon, and cream cheese.

8:35pm Monday, November 5 on Prime

Reality Series

The remaining eight home cooks arrive at Norco, Horsetown, USA, where they’ll face off in a team challenge of epic proportions. Judges Gordon Ramsay and Joe Bastianich ride up on horses, while Graham Elliot pulls up in a buggy. Gordon then informs the competitors that in 90 minutes there will be 101 hungry cowboys arriving and they must feed all of them. The home cooks are provided with New York strip and rib-eye steaks as well as fresh produce. The cooks will be split into two teams, and each team will prep 101 steaks plus two sides. The cowboys will try both teams’ grub and hang a horseshoe for the team that served them their favourite meal.

9:35pm Monday, October 29 on Prime

Reality Series

The nine remaining home cooks return to the MasterChef kitchen, where judges Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot, and Joe Bastianich give them their next Mystery Box Challenge. During this challenge, the contestants’ every move will be watched, and their work in progress will be sampled. When time is up, three dishes will be tasted, and the cook with the best dish will get a huge advantage in the next Elimination Challenge. When they lift their boxes, the competitors discover that they will each cook sea urchin – complete with poisonous spines. Chef Ramsay then gives them a quick lesson on how to cut open the animal to remove the uni cut. The cooks are then given access to a limited pantry of ingredients. They will have 60 minutes to prepare their dishes. Chef Ramsay calls Tali “one brave man” when he learns that Tali plans to present an uni shooter with a hint of tequila. Felix intends to mix Japanese and Italian influences by preparing a risotto.