Matched In Manhattan

VIBE – Sundays from 21 February, 4.25pm

Can’t get a date? Meet Matt Titus, New York’s premiere professional relationship expert and dating coach, whose specialty is helping both single women and gay men find their Mr. Right.

Matt and his business partners – including his wife Tamsen Fadal and associate Eddie Varley – use a realistic approach in their attempt to expertly pair their single clients who are unable to find a mate on their own. Matt hits the streets and cafés of New York City – with clients in tow – to show them what it takes to snag the man of their dreams. With clientele that runs the gamut from dating novice to serial dater, Matt and his team have a stable of men and women in their files ready to find a man. Matt, Tamsen and Eddie then play Cupid, pairing the perfect match and selecting a suitable location for the pair to meet. That’s when Matt kicks it into high-gear. He skillfully preps his clients for the big date, giving them advice on wardrobe, hair, make-up, body language and conversation topics. Follow the lives of Matt’s clients as he puts them through the paces of dating boot camp and relationship rehab, only on Vibe.