Matthew & Marc’s Rocky Road To Bollywood

7:00pm Sunday, March 28 on TV2

Ridge and Ellis are back for another hilarious road trip – this time to the home of the world’s largest movie making industry, in Matthew & Marc’s Rocky Road To Bollywood.

This year, the boys’ mission is to travel to Mumbai and attempt to become Bollywood movie stars, competing in everything they do along the way – with the loser of each challenge facing some humiliating consequences. Ellis and Ridge experience the fun and the madness of Mumbai and beyond, learning Bollywood skills along the way.

Julie Christie, who produced, wrote and directed the series, says viewers can look forward to the full spectrum of Indian culture in the show, as well as a trip to the location of a recent hit film.

“At one point, they visit the Mumbai slums and meet the child stars of Slumdog Millionaire,” Christie says. “But it’s India, so they also try out some of the weirdest pursuits in the world. They’re searching for Bollywood stardom, so they’re involved in dancing, playback singing, acting and stunt-fighting.”

Years may have passed since the boys’ last trip down the Rocky Road but, as Christie reveals, they have lost none of their enthusiasm for the show.

“They are three years older than the last series, but they have lost none of their love for beating each other up – even if their bodies sometimes scream at them to stop.”

It’s also the more boisterous moments from filming that most stand out in Christie’s mind as the funniest.

“Seeing them dressed in nothing but flimsy loincloths for khusti wrestling (it was winter so there were no tans to be seen) was very funny,” she says. “But the boys would say they loved the snake charming from tonight’s episode most – Matthew had to kiss the head of a deadly, erect cobra so there was real fear there.”

It’s not just the challenges themselves that prove tricky for Matthew and Marc – the forfeits for losing were often worse, as Christie explains.

“The consequences they face after losing a challenge are some of the best moments. In one of the episodes, Marc conjures up the hottest curry in the world for Matthew to eat, and you can almost feel his pain as you’re watching it.”

As they travel across the country, these sporting greats are as determined as ever to make it to the big time, and even more determined to win against each other.

In tonight’s first episode, the boys attempt to become action heroes, learning to fight Indian-style with the godfather of Bollywood movie stunts, Parvez Khan.

If you have missed an episode, full episodes of Matthew & Marc’s Rocky Road To Bollywood will be available free online 12 hours after the show has aired on TV2. Go to and click the ‘ondemand’ button.