Matthew & Marc’s Rocky Road

Dynamic duo Matthew Ridge and Marc Ellis are back on TV2 for another hilarious trip along the Rocky Road… this time to Russia, the land of cosmonauts, comrades and vodka.

As competitive as ever, their mission is to compete against each other in everything Russian, with the loser subjected to painful, humiliating and hilarious consequences!
From the high culture of the Bolshoi ballet to the might of the Soviet military, Marc and Matthew wreak a path of madness and mayhem through Moscow and beyond. No challenge is too great for our Kiwi comrades; as they battle tigers at the circus, go toe to toe with a prima ballerina and prepare to be blasted into space. Plus, no journey to the former Soviet Union would be complete without a high-octane ride in a MIG fighter jet, even if Matthew does get a teensy bit airsick and wants to go home!

It’s a hilarious ride with all the outrageous stunts and unexpected antics that make Matthew And Marc’s Rocky Road To Russia simply the funniest Kiwi show on TV.

Whether it’s taking a whipping in a bath house, or whipping up the perfect pancake, our sporting greats are as determined as ever to win. As the boys say, with the victor comes the spoils.

In this new, long-awaited series, Matthew and Marc prove once again why they hold a special place in New Zealand hearts and continue to be our favourite TV duo.

It was a rockier road than usual for the Producer of Matthew and Marc’s latest series, Jonathan Glazier. He simply says; “Rocky Road to Russia was a trip to hell! It was a nightmare to film. Everything that could go wrong, did. But that’s what makes this series so funny. The boys were often flying by the seat of their pants, and you never knew quite what was going to happen next.”

“The highlight for me is the bath house story. It’s just so hilarious. Two grown men, naked, being whipped with birch sticks, and the thing is they take it so seriously. Everything’s a competition, and no matter how ridiculous they look, they simply have to win. They really are a dream pairing, and it’s great to see them back on TV together again.”

Glazier continues; “I’ve worked with the boys for 3 years now, on Rocky Road and Game of 2 Halves. They keep surprising me, and in the world of TV – like warfare – the surprise element wins every-time! Their relationship is the same on screen and off, and that’s a real winner for the audience. People don’t want performances they want people, real people. The Matthew and Mark on screen are the same as they are off screen.”

Matthew And Marc’s Rocky Road To Russia begins on TV2 at 7.00pm, Saturday 16 February.

Saturday 16 February, 7.00pm on TV2