Matt’s Monsters

CARTOON NETWORK – Weekdays from 19 August, 7am

Joliville is a lovely place to live – if you don’t mind bumping into a Cheesosaurus or Fogus from time to time! When 8 year-old Matt Average gets home from school, he not only has homework to do but, more importantly, he has monsters to hunt! Of course, Matt can’t do it all by himself. So, he enlists the help of the Monster Agency. Bruce, his ever-optimistic dad; Ellen, his advertising genius of a mom; Dink, the pet monster that only Matt can understand; and finally Manson, the girl next door whose ironic detachment is just a front for her love of adventure. The monsters they hunt are rarely malicious but they do upset people’s lives – and the Agency is always ready with innovative, custom-designed solutions. And then there’s the competition: the Bovary Company – which uses whatever ham-fisted way it can come up with to corner the monster market. But Matt can rest easy: when it comes to monster control, there’s no one better than his family at fighting monsters!