Maui Fever

MTV’s new reality drama series Maui Fever premieres January 17th 2007 in the US.

Maui Fever exposes the daily lives, loves and betrayals of seven locals living in paradise. This close knit group of friends spends their days sunning and their nights partying with no rules and no one to answer to.

Maui Fever explores the lives of several young Kaanapali, Maui locals navigating their way through life on the small island, juggling the revolving door of tourists while trying to maintain stable relationships and establish what they want for their future.

While the guys think they have the upper hand in relationships with the locals and tourists, its the girls who seem to really be pulling the strings.

Meet the Cast:

Cheyne- Top pro surfer. A party-all-night, funny, outgoing, handsome guy. As the most popular guy in Kaanapali and the son of professional skateboarder Tony Magnuson, will his relationship with girlfriend Rachael survive his attraction to his ex, Anna?

Corbin- With no goals and no girlfriend, Corbin is the kind of guy who can’t take anything or anyone too seriously. Pinned the clown of his social group, Corbin seems to be everyone’s pal in Kaanapali while perpetually cracking jokes.

Chaunte- Notorious for being the center of attention, Chaunte is sure to stir up the drama wherever she goes. She likes to keep her on-and-off boyfriend Anthony in the palm of her hand while she keeps her eyes open for other love interests.

Anna- Chaunte’s partner in crime and roommate. They even work together as hostesses at a restaurant. And like Chaunte, Anna relishes the attention the attention of boys, especially one boy in particular ex-boyfriend Cheyne. Since Cheyne started dating Rachael, he and Anna have remained close, much to Rachaels dismay. Cheyne and Annas attraction is palpable and it gets the best of them.

Anthony- Quiet and shy, Anthony is hanging on tight to his relationship with Chaunte. While Chaunte insists they remain just friends, Anthony is incapable of making a decision without her, and unable to see her flirty and manipulative ways. How long until Anthony catches on and cuts all ties?

Sean- The Kaanapali player. Not your normal one-night-stand player, he often dips into the constant flow of tourists to find his love du jour. Will this spontaneous waiter ever settle down?

Jesse- The new guy in town, Jesse has already moved in with best bud Corbin and become part of the in crowd. Still Jesse often feels like an outsider and finds himself breaking the number one rule in Kaanapali: dont fall for tourists.