McLeod’s Daughters

VIBE – Weeknights from Monday 9 August, 5.20pm (omnibus Saturdays from 14 August, 6am)

Relive all of the heart stopping action, laughter and deep emotion with the women of Drover’s Run, right from the very first episode.

Following her father’s death, fiercely independent and courageous Claire McLeod (Lisa Chappell) is forced to share ownership of the property with her long-estranged half sister, Tess (Bridie Carter), a city girl hell bent on changing the world. They have what we all have when the chips are really down – the capacity to be heroes. Their lives are hard and the obstacles many, but the rewards are every bit as grand as the wild open land they’ve inherited.

Thursday 15 January, 8.30pm

This week on McLeod’s Daughters, Jaz faces a dilemma when she attempts to retrain her show-jumping horse, Annie, to work on the property. But does Annie really belong here? And can Jaz choose between Annie and her new life on Drovers Run?

Grace and Stevie are surprised when Jaz attempts to help move some cattle with Annie, as the show-jumper cannot suddenly transform into a working horse. Grace and Stevie agree to give Annie a go, but as soon as they start moving the cattle, Annie gets spooked and drives two cows into a steep ditch, seriously injuring them. Stevie points out that Annie is a liability to Drovers and they can’t afford any more stuff ups.

A devastated Jaz takes exiled Annie to the back paddock to retire her, but decides that she will secretly work on Annie to get to the bottom of why she is spooked.

Grace, meanwhile, finds herself training some city police in stock identification. In the process, she learns that some of their newly arrived cattle have dodgy identification tags. Rather than tell the police, Grace decides to get to the bottom of this herself.

Thursday 9 October, 8.30pm

There’s mistrust in the air this week on McLeod’s Daughters, when Stevie is keen to hire Sharon as her replacement, but Grace isn’t so sure.

Eight years ago, Grace was competing for the chance to win a rodeo scholarship to America, but Sharon – or so Grace suspects – tampered with her car. Grace never got to the event, and missed out on the chance to go to America.

Sharon denies Grace’s accusation, but goes on to embroil herself in a horse buying scam as she owes a lot of money to Brett. When Grace discovers the scam, that’s the last straw. She kicks Sharon off Drovers and sends her on her way – not realising that Stevie’s wedding rings have just gone missing. Stevie and Grace must rush after Sharon, who trys to beg for Stevie’s forgiveness once they catch up with her.

A bombshell is then dropped – Sharon admits to sabotaging Grace at the rodeo, but she didn’t act alone – Stevie helped her. Despite Stevie’s explanations, Grace and Stevie are left estranged.

Thursday 18 September, 8.30pm

The addictive Australian outback drama McLeod’s Daughters launches into it’s eighth and final season this week on TV2.

We head back to South Australia to rejoin the women of the Drovers Run and the men of Killarney, as they cope with the daily drama and excitement of life in the Australian outback.
Following on seamlessly from the last season, it’s been five days since the Christmas Day car accident and Riley is still missing, presumed dead. Unwilling to believe it, Kate has searched for him every day since then – her search hindered by the devastation left by the five day flood.
Kate is also having difficulty being civil to Grace – blaming her for the accident. Despite gentle efforts on the part of the Drovers girls, Kate refuses to give up her search.

Thursday 28 August, 8.30pm

A firm favourite, McLeod’s Daughters is back on TV2 this week with its 200th episode!

Heath tells Grace he has a fabulous business opportunity, taking over a horse stud. He wants Grace to manage it with him, but it involves a move to Queensland. Grace is excited, but shocked at how much of a wrench she realises it’s going to be.
Meanwhile, on route to pick up equipment to repair a broken windmill, Grace meets a mysterious man by the side of the road, looking lost and trying to remember why he’s there. Grace is drawn to him and offers him help from Drovers if he needs it. But as she drives away, the old man we see in the mirror is not the young man Grace sees.

Worried that her departure will make life difficult on Drovers, Grace is pleased when the mysterious man turns up on Drovers offers her a hand with the windmill – and turns out to be an ideal replacement for her. But the man refuses the job – certain that he’s not here to replace Grace. In fact, he can’t believe she wants to leave Drovers.

When Stevie falls unconscious in the scrub, the same man appears to Grace to lead her on a rescue mission. He finally reveals who he is – Hugh McLeod, her father, back from the dead. Grace has some trouble accepting this, naturally, but after finding an old photo of her father in his twenties it is impossible to deny. Moira guides her – the dead return for a reason. Perhaps it is forgiveness he needs?

Meanwhile, Tayler, stung by the fleeting encounter with her mother, is trying to forget her 18th birthday. Patrick won’t hear of it, and organises a surprise party, but it all goes pear shaped when Tayler arrives too early, and in a bad mood. There’s also a new vet on the scene – a feisty woman called Ingrid. She’s pint-sized and full of energy, but must work hard to convince Marcus that her size and gender does not affect her ability as a vet.

Reacquaint yourself with the popular McLeod’s Daughters – returning this Thursday 28th August at 8.30pm, on TV2.

McLeod’s Daughters
Thursday 31 January, 8.30pm

After a season full of dramatic highs and lows, tonight’s two-hour McLeod’s Daughters final brings tensions between the Drovers girls and Ashleigh (Sam Healy) to a head as cattle thieves are hotly pursued by Grace (Abi Tucker) and Stevie (Simmone Jade McKinnon).

Thieves threaten the future of Drovers Run tonight, but Grace and Stevie are not about to sit back and watch it happen. When the women spring two masked men stealing cattle, they give chase. One man is in a truck and Stevie’ horse cannot keep up; the other is on horseback but even skilled rider Grace is no match and he soon breaks away. The cattle are a vital part of the girls’ survival plan for the property – without the calves that are due to be born any time now, the farm will not have enough working capital to continue operating.
They put together a search of the abattoirs and sale yards, then think they might have got somewhere when a guy is seen at the pub who fits Grace’s description of the man she chased and lost sight of. He says there is no way he could have ridden from Drovers to the pub in that time. So, Grace recreates his ride and proves that if you’re an extraordinary horseperson it can be done – just.

Grace’s next option is to beg Ashleigh, who she’s sure is ultimately responsible for the theft, to give her a break. Ashleigh clearly has a personal agenda against Grace, so Grace and Stevie come up with a daring plan to force the truth out. But nothing could have prepared them for the violent encounter they are to have with Ashleigh this time.

While the others are caught up in the cattle debacle, Kate (Michala Banas) is at the pub having one too many. When Riley (Dustin Clare) confiscates her keys she defiantly swipes his, and takes off in the ute. She is sensible enough to pull over and go to sleep, however when she wakes up she is horrified to see blood on the ute and a smashed headlight. Could she have hurt someone? It soon becomes apparent that no one has been in contact with Ashleigh, and Kate becomes convinced she has killed her.

Bryce (John Stanton) meanwhile is in a precarious condition in hospital, with Marcus (Matthew Passmore) by his side. Marcus suggests that they give orders not to resuscitate if Bryce has another stroke, but Ashleigh furiously disagrees – she wants Bryce kept alive at all costs. She is determined to impress Bryce with her business prowess before he dies, which may be what has pushed her into accelerating her plan to snatch Drovers from Grace and the girls.

Despite the drama with Ashleigh, the personal lives of the Drovers women still don’t seem to be taking a back seat. Grace has reached crisis point with Heath (Sandy Winton), after she loses her engagement ring and several differences between the pair come to light. They discover they may not know each other as well as they thought, and now have a very important decision to make about their future. Meanwhile, part of Stevie’s future also becomes incredibly clear as she reveals some happy news to the other girls.

Don’t miss the emotional, two-hour conclusion of this season of McLeod’s Daughters; Thursday 31 January at 8.30pm. A new season will be back on TV2 later in 2008.

CHANNEL 9 is axing its long-running rural drama McLeod’s Daughters, despite the delivery of solid ratings for most of its seven-season run on Nine.

The series helped make household names of actors including Bridie Carter, Lisa Chappell and Aaron Jeffery.

The show costs about $500,000 an episode and its writers have found it progressively difficult to create strong storylines after the departure of a string of key cast members.

Series eight of McLeod’s, in production in the Barossa Valley region of South Australia, will be its last.

Nine is intent on investing in new drama concepts.

A second series of the Lisa McCune drama Sea Patrol is in production in Queensland and Nine is to deliver gangster drama Underbelly and Canal Road next year.

Nine also announced at the weekend it had commissioned Young Doctors, a modern take on its Aussie hospital drama from the early ’80s.

“I have always maintained that the series should finish on a high and while it was still loved by the audience,” McLeod’s creator and executive producer Posie Graeme-Evans said.

Herald Sun

McLeod’s Daughters Thursday 8 November, 8.30pm

On the eve of the big McLeod’s Daughters wedding, the groom finds himself in jail. Will he make it to the church on time?

It’s the day before his wedding to Stevie, and Alex is returning with Marcus Spencer, having done a deal with Jack Waters. They come across a guy broken down on the side of the road – with a bull – and Alex’s great mood sees him offer to drop the bull off. But they’re pulled over by Constable Oliver, an over-eager new recruit who’s just arrived in Gungellan. He informs the boys that the bull is stolen – and in his mind, they’re the prime suspects. Would they mind accompanying him back to the Station?
Alex tries to plead his case as an obvious case of mistaken identity, but Constable Oliver is new to district so has never heard of the otherwise very well-known Ryan family. The boys have to wait for the Stock Squad agent… but of course he is held up! So when night falls, Marcus decides to call their half sister Ashleigh, a lawyer who they are sure will be get them out in a jiffy. Ashleigh promises to drive to Spencer to find Jack Waters to give their alibi, but morning comes and Ashleigh still hasn’t returned. Alex is starting to freak – if he’s not out of here soon, he’s going to miss his own wedding!

Nothing seems to be running smoothly for the rest of the wedding party either. Stevie is far from a beautiful bride when Rose attempts to tint her eyelashes – leaving her eyes looking like two huge, puffy volcanoes. Tayler, meanwhile, asks Patrick to be her date for the wedding. He’s chuffed, and accepts, but in the process of comforting Rose after her mishap, he manages to become her date for the wedding as well.

Stevie finally hears about Alex’s detainment, and true to form takes matters into her own more-than-capable hands. Puffy eyes and prison aren’t enough to stop her wedding from taking place at long last! But the drama is not about to stop with the wedding, as catastrophe strikes leading Ashleigh to make a stunning announcement to Marcus. Everyone in Gungellan better get used to seeing a whole lot more of her in the future…

Stevie and Alex’s long-awaited wedding is tonight, on McLeod’s Daughters, Thursday 8 November at 8.30pm, TV2.

McLeod’s Daughters
Thursday August 23, 8.30pm

Jodi McLeod fears for her sanity on tonight’s episode of McLeod’s Daughters when she hears, what she believes to be, voices from the ‘other side’.

Jodi (Rachael Carpani) is becoming increasingly disturbed about Emma McLeod and the identity of her secret lover. Woken by the sound of a crying woman in the night, Jodi worries when it becomes clear that she is the only person who can hear the crying. But when Jodi sees a vision of a dead man in the dam and connects him to the contents of Emma’s secret room, her fear reaches fever pitch and she decides to board up the room.
Matt invites Jodi over for dinner to get her mind off things on the assumption that Patrick and Riley will be out. However, the dinner doesn’t quite work out as planned. The next day, Jodi sees another vision of the dead man, and fears for her sanity. Matt becomes determined to help her face her demons and, later, Jodi discovers vital clues that help shed some light into the mystery.

Rachael Carpani loves playing Jodi, a former farmhand who discovered that the late Jack McLeod was her real father and is now part-owner of Drovers Run. She has particularly enjoyed the role since her character’s change of attitude in the third season. “[That was when] Jodi finally got off her butt and started to do things. I loved it when she joined the CFS (Country Fire Service) – and she found out she was actually good out something,” says Carpani.

She believes that the cast are what makes the hit show so special. “I get to meet so many inspirational people working on this show – both cast and crew.” Her favourite guest star was Craig McLachlan, who she says kept everyone entertained. And how would her castmates describe her? “I don’t know what they’d say about me! You’d have to ask them. I’d hope they’d be nice, but they might mention ditzy – pay no attention!” she laughs. Ditzy or not, Carpani has learnt some valuable lessons working on the show. “Since I first started working on McLeod’s Daughters, one thing I’ve learned is that… riding a horse is not like riding a motorbike – and flies are attracted to insect repellent.”

And from rural Australia to the big smoke in America, Rachael recently accepted a role in the United States – playing alongside Janeane Garofalo in a new legal drama, yet to be named. The pilot will be filmed next month.

McLeod’s Daughters screens Thursdays on TV2 at 8.30pm.

McLeod’s Daughters Thursday August 2, 7.30pm

TV2’s beloved drama McLeod’s Daughters returns, with an action-packed two hour season seven premiere, Thursday August 2 from 7.30pm.

It’s shearing time at Drovers Run, the weather is perfect, the sheep are ready and the girls are keen to get started. However, Jodi’s (Rachael Carpani) perfectly planned day is thrown into chaos when Matt (Jonny Pasvolsky) returns unannounced. He is finally free of his assumed identity and hopes to rekindle his relationship with Jodi – but he faces competition from Riley (Dustin Clare).
Meanwhile, Regan (Zoe Naylor) has her hands full dealing with Tayler (Gillian Alexy). Regan is still trying to cover for the youngster’s mistakes and provocations, but her generosity is wearing thin with the others who would be happy to see the back of their unhelpful visitor. Fearing that the girls are about to give her her marching orders, Tayler steals the shearers’ wages, and Stevie’s (Simmone Jade MacKinnon) ute.

Rachael Carpani loves playing Jodi, a former farmhand who discovered the late Jack McLeod was her real father, and is now part-owner of Drovers Run. Carpani believes the cast is what makes the hit show so special. “I get to meet so many inspirational people working on this show — both cast and crew.”

Her favourite guest star was Craig McLachlan, who, she says, kept everyone entertained. And how would her castmates describe her? “I don’t know what they’d say about me! You’d have to ask them. I’d hope they’d be nice, but they might mention ditzy — pay no attention!” she laughs.

Ditzy or not, Carpani has learnt some valuable lessons working on the show. “Since I first started working on McLeod’s Daughters one thing I’ve learned is that riding a horse is not like riding a motorbike; and flies are attracted to insect repellent.”

Don’t miss the season premiere of McLeod’s Daughters, Thursday 7.30pm on TV2, then screening at 8.30pm every Thursady thereafter.