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Coming to Maori Television tonight is the third incarnation of the TVNZ7 show Media7 – Media Take. The media commentary show with Russell Brown and Toi Iti will analyse the weekly news to determine a lack of balance, inaccuracies or lies plaguing the media world.

Russell Brown writes

In te reo Māori, “Take” means “reason” or “purpose” – but the name of the programme also makes sense in English: as a take on on the media. We like the fact that it’s a bicultural name for a bicultural show. Continue reading »

For the second time this week, Martyn Bradbury has lashed out at a TV network that doesn’t employ him.  While his initial ire was towards TVNZ for failing to keep TVNZ7 running, it has now been directed towards NZ On Air (One of his employers?) and a different network that has stepped in to act as saviour for one of the channel’s shows when it goes dark.

Dear Russell Brown calls this ‘a validation of what we’ve done these past five years,’, which is one way of viewing it. Another way would be seeing it as the usual barest contempt mainstream TV views public broadcasting. Nestled between fundamentalist TV evangelists and infomercials on a Saturday morning is hardly the bench mark for high priority content is it?

There’s another word for this, and it’s ghettoization. On TVNZ7 Media 7 had an adults timeslot for adults, Saturday morning is the sort of timeslot you get when the network doesn’t really give a toss isn’t it?

If a Saturday morning show on TV3 is the ghetto, what then does that make the unpromoted TVNZ7?  As David Farrar pointed out recently, the “others” rating of which Media7 is included in, is a fraction of what the commercial networks pull.  It isn’t unreasonable to expect that the audience TV3 will deliver to Media 3 on a Saturday morning will be higher than what the audience would have been on TVNZ7.  Certainly the Sunday night encore will be bigger.  You also have to wonder whether Media 3 will also deliver news bites for 6pm in a similar fashion as The Nation does.

The fact that a commercial broadcaster has stepped in to back a show that was otherwise going to vanish should be celebrated as a victory for the type of content public broadcasting has been delivering.

NZ On Air is pleased to announce funding for Media 3 (formerly Media 7).

The Top Shelf-produced programme examining local media will move to TV3 on Saturday mornings in August with an encore screening late on Sunday evenings. It will also be available on-demand at Continue reading »

Media 7’s New Year’s Eve Special screens 9:10pm tonight on TVNZ7.

They debate the contention that “it’s still a man’s world in the media“.

In the affirmative:
Lucy Lawless, Peta Matthias, Pam Corkery.

In the negative:
Sean Plunket, Finlay Macdonald, Mikey Havoc.

Russell Brown will be hosting a new weekly half hour show called Media 7 on TVNZ 7, starting in April. If you don’t have Freeview, you’ll able to see it via TVNZ ondemand.

It will be a panel show, recorded “as live” in front of an audience.

Other details: the producer is Jill Graham and reporter/researcher is Simon Pound.

Get Russell’s thoughts on starting a brand new show on a brand new channel over on his blog.