Media – Freeview and others (Mix Type)

On 1st march 2007 Three broadcaster have change things around and they are:

  1. Sky TV – Digital and My Sky have channel numbers Change only
    and channel numbers Change list can be printout off with print button on Sky TV New Zealand Home
    Sky TV – channel numbers Change
  2. telstraclear – Satun tv now called digital-tv and telstraclear has it analogue-tv Too and will be turn off and channel numbers change like Sky Tv becouse you can get same of Sky Channels Via Sky feed on digital-tv and analogue-tv on telstraclear and channel numbers change list can’t be printout off without print button on telstraclear Home
    telstraclear Digital-tv – channel mapping from 1st march 2007
  3. Southland TV is now called Cue TV Cue TV

Update on Freeview

  • Some says in May 2007
  • Govt nz says in 2008
  • Freeview decoder will be automatic and can’t choose what Channel you want or not want and it is up to freeview with this DTT Service via Optus Satellites
  • Freeview non-decoder option unknown Yet

  • regionals Television And Radio plan unknown
  • Amateur Radio,Amateur Television,Amateur satellite plan unknown – Amateur New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters
  • analogue turn-off date still unknown and talks about VHF Band to be blank Please help to save VHF Band and VLF Band aka VHF from going we may need them too.
  • You can get your FTA – Free to Air on your own decoder you want freedom option
  • You can get Your own payTv on your own decoder you want freedom option with your paytv access Boxes