Media Take

Mediatake-headerI’ve just had the ratings data provided to me for Maori Television’s new media program, Media Take, which is the third incarnation of Media7 which originated on TVNZ7 before the channel was shut down.

On debut, Media Take drew an average audience of only 7,700 viewers. This is incredibly low. Continue reading »

Did you watch the show last week? What did you think?

Coming to Maori Television tonight is the third incarnation of the TVNZ7 show Media7 – Media Take. The media commentary show with Russell Brown and Toi Iti will analyse the weekly news to determine a lack of balance, inaccuracies or lies plaguing the media world.

Russell Brown writes

In te reo Māori, “Take” means “reason” or “purpose” – but the name of the programme also makes sense in English: as a take on on the media. We like the fact that it’s a bicultural name for a bicultural show. Continue reading »

Toi Iti, Media TakeThe third incarnation of Media7 will debut on Maori Television on July 1. Disappointingly, the state funded series has once again been scheduled after 10pm.

Māori Television’s new current affairs show, MEDIA TAKE (formerly Media3) will answer these questions and a lot more every Tuesday after 10pm from July 1 and repeated on Thursdays at 10.30pm.

Actor and broadcaster Toi Iti, known for his irreverent but penetrating satire, joins Russell Brown to lift the lid and spill the beans on the people who pull the strings of public opinion. Continue reading »