Meerkat Manor

ANIMAL PLANET – Sunday 22 November, 8.30pm

Prior to the new season of Meerkat Manor in December, Animal Planet will showcase the feature film, Meerkat Manor: The Story Begins which tells the incredible real life story of Flower, leader of the gang and her family of meerkats called the Whiskers. This documentary follows the daily saga of the Whiskers family, utilising actual research performed by Cambridge University biologists over the past ten years. Flower and the Whiskers are well known characters to Meerkat Manor audiences around the world and the film follows their ongoing journey and struggle to survive in the Kalahari. While this big screen feature continues with the story of the Whiskers life in the Kalahari, it will also tell the story of Flower’s uncompromising leadership and how she rose to power. Through dramatic flashbacks from birth, through turbulent early years of sibling rivalry, her eviction, the attack by rival gangs and the final twist of fate that resulted in her rise to dominance. This Meerkat Manor feature film will fascinate, move and entertain anyone with an interest in wildlife and the incredible world of the meerkats.

Animal Planet – Thursdays from 3 April, 9.30pm

As we embark on series three, Mozart has rejoined her family. Her illicit pups are now but a fading memory as she helps to raise Flower’s autumn offspring Millie, Shelley and Bing. The winter has taken its toll on the whole family. All are now in desperate need of nourishment if the group is to survive. Flower in particular is showing the ravages of age and season, she has now mothered sixteen litters in total. Surely her days as matriarch must be numbered? Younger and fitter females seeing a window of opportunity opening up will create instability in the family. Flower’s leadership will be tested once again and only time will tell whether her skills as a leader will enable her to suppress her adversaries. Added to this there is the ever-present threat of one-eyed Hannibal and his vicious gang the Commandoes. Will they try to encroach further into Whisker’s territory? Perhaps this will be a blessing in disguise for Flower and her family will get behind her in a united battle to see them off for good. And what of the Lazuli? Now back to full strength there are sure to be brushes with the Whiskers and more roving males for Flower and Zaphod to contend with.