Meet the Hasselhoffs

7:30pm Monday, February 15 on Prime


After the dramas on the waterways of the Thames, the Hoffs hit the north of the UK and the beautiful Scottish Highlands to discover abseiling and hunt for Nessie on Loch Ness. Despite staying in a fabulous five-star hotel, the family wants to get out into the wild and head out in the Winnebago to find the perfect camping spot. Taylor-Ann’s boyfriend, Justin, steps up to the plate and takes charge of pitching the tent, and a local survivalist to shows them how to live off the land, including how to prepare and eat squirrel and pheasant. Later that evening, David and his daughters take the opportunity to bond as a family around the camp fire.

With their journey coming to an end, the Hasselhoffs head south again to David’s spiritual home: the sea, and the glorious beaches of Devon.

7:30pm Monday, February 8 on Prime


Last week, while narrow-boating along the canals of Oxfordshire, disaster struck as David’s daughter Hayley nearly lost her thumb in a terrible accident. As Hayley receives emergency medical attention in a nearby hospital, it looks like the Hasselhoff’s British family holiday has come to a terrible end. But eventually, the Hoff spirit prevails as Hayley courageously decides to stick with the holiday. David decides Hayley will get the hero’s welcome back she deserves by throwing her a narrow boat party she will never forget.

With their holiday plans back on track, they decide it is time to move on. Arriving in a remote hotel in the Highlands of Scotland, one thing’s for sure – things aren’t going to get any easier…

7:30pm Monday, February 1 on Prime


The Hasselhoff tour of the UK is well underway. After two days in the beautiful country retreat of Stapleford in Leicestershire, the time has come for the family to move on in their rented Winnebago. Batteries fully recharged, they head west in search of some excitement and David has an awesome idea for what to do next – ghost-hunting.

Finally, they arrive at one of the most haunted castles in Britain – Tutbury Castle in Staffordshire. As a professional ghost-hunter and psychic medium takes them into the dungeons of the castle, a shocked Hayley experiences a phenomenon nobody can explain. Could this be their first real brush with a paranormal dimension?

The following morning, David looks to do something more relaxing by fulfilling a childhood dream – narrow boating along the canals of Oxfordshire. Beautiful, peaceful and at times hilarious, it’s everything he hopes it would be. Trouble is, when the Hoffs get moving a drama is never far away…

7:30pm Monday, January 25 on Prime


David Hasselhoff and family have escaped the intensity of London paparazzi and hit the road in a rented Winnebago. Heading North towards Leicestershire, the skyline of London gives way to the incredible English countryside – immediately the stress starts to lift. Arriving in a beautiful hotel set in the small village of Stapleford, David is determined to immerse himself in every aspect of country life.

Along with good friend Scott Mills, they come face-to-face with the local wildlife, get to know the locals, navigate the Winnebago cross-country and even have a crack at pig-herding in the local agricultural fair. It’s family’s first brush with the real British countryside and a chance to spend some quality time together over a surprise Father’s Day breakfast.

7:30pm Monday, January 18 on Prime


It is day two of the Hasselhoff family holiday around the UK and they want to go shopping. Easier said than done – every time they set foot outside the hotel, they are mobbed. However, shopping is still a success as Hayley manages to buy three pairs of shoes. The family finish the day hooking up with TV legend Jerry Springer.

The following day, Scott takes David down to Southampton to meet his mum and granddad. After a very revealing and open couple of hours, David and Scott go to Scott’s old school and meet his teachers.

Back in London, the Hoffs have had enough of the crowds, fans and paparazzi, so David gets his British assistant Joe to find him a Winnebago so they can bust out from the madness and start to discover the real Britain.

7:30pm Monday, January 11 on Prime


The challenges have been many for star David Hasselhoff – having a talking car for a co-star, filming an entire series in a pair of speedos and judging wannabe talent in one of the most watched television shows in years. However, this week he returns to our screens in what could be his most demanding role to date – as the proud father takes a family holiday to the UK.

This fly-on-the-wall reality series follows ‘Team Hoff’ – David and his two daughters, Taylor-Ann and Hayley – as they spend a summer immersing themselves in British culture. After arriving in London where they find themselves under the intense scrutiny of the London Paparazzi, they hit the road in a rented Winnebago to investigate every aspect of British life.

From a traditional ‘knees up’ with the pearly kings and queens to visiting stately homes, no stone is left unturned in their quest for all things British. The Hoff tries his hand at pig-herding, hunts ghosts at the most haunted castle in Britain, plays polo, goes in search of the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland, ties on some bells for a spot of Morris Dancing and just can’t help but offer some inspirational advice to lifeguards on the Devon coast.

The thing I love about hanging with the folk at Prime is that while they are genuinely nice people, they really love television.  I mean, they really love television.  So much so that they’re quite comfortable acknowledging that they’re self confessed TV geeks.  Listening to the banter between the presenters at their 2010 Season Launch definitely cemented that.

Prime has experienced some pretty good growth this year, recently achieving its highest peak share.  One can only assume 2010 will see that peak moved higher with a fantastic lineup as well as the Winter Olympics.

So what’s on the cards for next year?  Check out the list below and let us know what you think:

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