Mega Movers

HISTORY CHANNEL – Mondays from 24 August, 9.30pm

In Mega Movers, we’ll follow the relocation of the biggest, heaviest and least mobile historic structures imaginable. We’ll see the crucial planning process, how the movers measure size, weight, weather, traffic and clearance knowing that a one inch mistake can mean disaster. We’ll hold our breath during the chilling first lift, as the creaks, cracks and groans signal the hoisting of an 800 ton building onto some 20 sets of dollies. We’ll follow the dangerous journey, navigating over narrow bridges, avoiding power lines, turning sharp corners, all the while hoping the structures don’t break apart. Always adding to the challenge is Mother Nature, who likes to throw surprises like spring mud, summer thunderstorms, floods and hurricanes.

Ep1: MOVING THE IMPOSSIBLE: From the engineers of ancient Egypt, to the architects of Renaissance Rome, to the moving miracles of the modern era, the men, methods and machines of structural moving have been pushing the limits of imagination and technology for over 5,000 years. Mega Movers chronicles the amazing feats of mega moving from primitive civilization, through the Industrial Revolution into the 21st Century including the evolution of technology which allows a 3,000 ton building to be driven down the street by remote control! From the 40 ton granite blocks of Stonehenge, to the awesome Vatican obelisk, to the 208 foot tall Cape Hatteras lighthouse, see how the ambition and ingenuity of Mega Movers has continued to defy convention, break records, and achieve the unthinkable.