NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Tuesday 28 August, 7.30pm

New CEO Dany Bahar is determined to bring Lotus back to the top of the sports car rankings and the company’s latest model is set to do just that. Capable of sprinting from 0-100 in less than 5 seconds and described by motor journalists as a “killer attack dog”, the Lotus Evora is so elegantly designed that even when standing still it exudes speed and athleticism.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Tuesday 24 July, 7.30pm

With unprecedented access to the elite Formula One team Williams F1, enter their state-of-the-art headquarters. Back from their latest race in Europe, the team has a week to get the car in shape and improve its aerodynamics. Cutting edge design and incredible technology need to come together as the team races for success.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Tuesday 17 July, 7.30pm

It’s the greatest football video game in the world, so close to reality that even the pros use it to test their skills. Enter Electronic Arts’ Canadian factory and meet the brilliant minds who took soccer off the field and turned it into a virtual masterpiece.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Tuesday 10 July, 7.30pm

In the heart of Dublin, the 48-acre St James Gate Brewery produces more than a billion pints of Guinness every year. From the massive spring barley harvest to roasting, brewing, bottling, kegging, marketing and distribution, it’s a constant race against the clock to supply enough of the world’s most popular dark beer to satisfy the thirst of 150 countries around the world.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Tuesday 3 July, 7.30pm

Used by everyone from boy scouts to presidents, the Swiss Army Knife may be the most ingenious multipurpose tool ever invented – with an equally ingenious process for its production. At the factory in Switzerland, parts start out as raw steel and emerge many stages later as gleaming tools.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Tuesday 29 May, 7.30pm

Sir Ratan Tata is a man on a mission: to make India’s roads safer by getting people off motorbikes and into the world’s cheapest car – the Tata Nano. In India it’s common to see a family of four riding together on a motorbike. On bad roads in monsoon rain that’s a lethal way to commute. But to bring his car to the people he must overcome some formidable challenges. Design issues and skyrocketing costs threaten to blow out the car’s $2,200 price tag, and violent protests force him to dismantle and shift his 3 billion dollar megafactory over 2,000 kilometres across India.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Tuesday 15 May, 8.30pm

Legendary Italian motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta is betting its future on a brand new design but, as the bike goes into production, the company’s return to glory is far from certain.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Tuesday 1 May, 7.30pm

In 2007 the mammoth Airbus A380 took the Boeing 747’s crown for size and capacity. To win back the title, Boeing needs a new plane in the air fast. The upgrading of the 747 is already two years overdue. Can Boeing’s megafactory deliver?

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Tuesday 24 April, 7.30pm

For 50 years, Learjet has been synonymous with high-flying luxury and the celebrity jet-set. Hand built at Learjet’s mega factory in Kansas, the top of the range 60XR offers passengers fighter-jet performance combined with the latest in yacht style luxury.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Tuesday 3 April, 7.30pm

The Mini Coupe is the Oxford plant’s first ever two seater sports vehicle. Follow the journey of Mini’s brand new model as it makes its way through this state of the art factory based in the heart of England.