Mel B It’s a Scary World

NBC’s decision to to skip a 9/11 tribute and go instead with a Kardashian interview deserves a 2 minutes silence in itself. The seemingly unstoppable invasion of the vacuous, untalented and self-obsessed in the genre of entertainment programming is tragic enough, but for it to  encroach into the News and Current affairs arena is simply deplorable.

This morning I happened upon a programme screening on the E Channel entitled ‘Mel B, It’s a scary world’, and indeed it was.  A series dedicated to an incredibly needy woman who spends her entire life time getting made-up to go out to events where she can position herself front and centre. In one interminable scene we see Mel ‘shopping’, something that for most of us involves parting with money, however for the woman who has made millions from her pop career the idea that she should pay for anything is quite offensive. Continue reading »