Men in trees

VIBE – Sundays from 1 April, 5.40pm

A fun and sexy drama about finding love in the most unexpected places. After being cheated on by her fianc�, relationship advice expert Marin Frist (Anne Heche, Six Days, Seven Nights) realises she might still need to learn a thing or two about the heart, hers specifically. She decides to start afresh in small town Alaska where the ratio of men to women is ten to one, providing lots of opportunity for studying up on her subject matter.

Smith to leave Doctor Who?

Doctor Who producers may be on the lookout for a new Doctor with word Matt Smith may be planning to quit the series following the next season. It is understood Smith has plans to attempt to make it in Hollywood after his stint as the Doctor in much the same way previous Doctor David Tennant has done.

Casting for Grey’s

Grey’s Anatomy has acquired the services of ex-Men In Trees actor James Tupper, who has signed on to appear in the show next season. Tupper will feature a trauma counsellor called Andrew Perkins in the upcoming season.

Beyonce tipped for Glee

Bookies in the US are tipping Beyonce to appear in the huge post-Superbowl Glee episode which is expected to rate highly due to the carry-over audience it will receive from the sports event. Other big-name stars rumoured are Lady GaGa, Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry.

In our second post reviewing the world of TV in 2008, we reveal the Top 5 shows which ended this year:

  1. Boston Legal
  2. Jericho
  3. Agenda
  4. Men In Trees
  5. Eli Stone

Boston Legal: 5 seasons, 101 episodes and it’s a sad farewell to Denny Crane.  The LA Times said: “it has tried to address adult topics in full paragraphs in the only way possible given television’s current devotion to immaturity and outrageousness — with characters so odd they defied gravity. (With his tie-flipping, teeth-grinding, jaw-adjusting, arm-waving and sudden piercing stares, Spader’s Alan was so tic-driven he often seemed in danger of bursting through not just the fourth wall, but the entire set.)”.

Jericho: Not even 20 tonnes of nuts sent by fans to CBS and the largest online protest could stop the show from eventually being cancelled.  The fans did get 29 episodes in total and some closure.

Agenda: Being highly respected by journalists, quoted in Parliament and used to generate countless news stories didn’t count enough in the end, it was all about the low ratings early Saturday morning. The show celebrated 100 episodes early last year.

Men in Trees: The sweet sappy light hearted show lasted 36 episodes, with 5 screening for the first time in New Zealand.  The press seemed more interested in Anne Heche’s off-screen relationship sagas, leaving her husband for her co-star and on-screen love interest James Tupper.

Eli Stone: Barely given a chance on TV2, this delightfully warm, quirky and lovable show lasted a mere 26 episodes.  Notable guest appearances came from George Michael and Katie Holmes.

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Men in Trees has been officially cancelled.

The series will still return for its final three episodes – including its series finale (complete with alternately shot ending) – on Wednesday, May 28 in the US.

The show had been moved timeslots six times, with two long hiatuses.

Men In Trees was one of TV2’s biggest hits last year, and this year should be no different; with relationship coach Marin Frist (Anne Heche) having entirely settled in to the male-dominated town of Elmo, amongst all the eclectic characters viewers came to know in the first season.

New York native Marin has really settled in to become an integral part of all the emotion, drama and comedy of small town life. As the new season begins, with Jack (James Tupper) away on a research ship for nine months, she begins to question the status of their relationship – especially when she finds a mysterious woman’s phone number among his things.
Meanwhile Annie (Emily Bergl) is finding the man she loves even more distant from her, even though they are still living together. A lightening-storm during their wedding and altered Annie and Patrick’s (Derek Richardson) lives forever when he was struck down – he is now suffering complete amnesia. Annie, along with Patrick’s doting mother Celia (Cynthia Stevenson) and the entire town, rally around to help him reconnect with his life. However, they don’t count on this new Patrick rejecting all that he had loved before. Celia suggests that Annie go to extreme lengths to help him remember his old life.

Marin and Annie both worry about whether their relationships can endure such hard times, with Annie saying; “You know how they says ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’? Well, what if absence also makes the heart go away? What if I haven’t known him long enough to matter?”

Not all love is lost in Elmo, however. When Marin’s tough-girl New York editor, Jane (Seana Kofoed), flew in for Patrick and Annie’s interrupted nuptials, she was reunited with her former flame, Sam (Ty Olsson). Despite Jane’s resolve to be finished with ‘Plow Guy’, she is now happily ensconced in a relationship that makes her city-girl lifestyle nearly impossible… and she has a surprise announcement.

Married couple Ben and Theresa – who run the town’s only bar, The Chieftan – spent last year in an on-again off-again relationship as she struggled to commit to settling down. Now, with Theresa’s mind made up to make her marriage her priority, she’s finding Ben is instead giving all his attention to the struggling hockey team he has purchased.

There’s also a brand-new relationship-in-the-making in Elmo, but with Marin distracted by Jack the relationship coaching falls to Buzz (John Amos) and his wife Mai (Lauren Tom). Sparks have been flying between town resident Jerome (Timothy Webber) and Annie’s newly separated mother, Mary Alice (Annie Potts); but they each discover they are well out of practice in the art of seduction. Some ill-advised tips from Buzz and his over-the-top wife threaten to kill the flame altogether.

For a town with a ratio of ten males to every female, you’d think the women would be finding dating easy – but in Elmo it is more complicated than it looks!

Men In Trees returns to TV2 this Sunday 24 February at 9.30pm, following Grey’s Anatomy.

Marin tries calling Jack on her cellphone but just gets his answerphone… as she’s surrounded by wolves but Cash comes to her rescue!

Patrick tells Annie he believes in them, Annie admits she’s scared. They decide to jump off the rock into the lake together. He asks her to marry him again on Saturday. She smiles and says yes, she will. They leap off together – fully dressed!

Sara and Eric wake up naked in bed together but Eric leaves in a hurry, “I’m sorry Sara but I should go”.

Ben and Theresa argue over the bar being closed and ruining the wedding.

Jack comes to check on Marin and wishes he was there to help her. She says she’s a little ODed on adenaline. Marin asks Jack to the wedding with her, to spend his last day with her. Jack agrees but says he doesn’t dance.

Jane flies in for the wedding.

Mary Alice is read to by a cleanly shaved Jerome! He asks her to be his date for the wedding! “Oh Jerome, where have you been all my life?” she says.

Celia tells Richard she’s not ready for forever with him. He handcuffs them together and asks what’s so scary about being attached to him? Celia says he’s made his point. Uh oh, they can’t find the keys to unlock their wrists!

It’s finally the wedding! Celia and Richard turn up in handcuffs.

Mai’s still not talking to Celia.

Annie is upset her dad hasn’t turned up for the wedding.

Annie looks gorgeous in her wedding dress with purple flowers in her hair. Patrick tells her how beautiful she is.

It’s time for photos. Everyone can’t believe how different Jerome looks!

Marin thinks Jack looks great wearing a suit.. and hiking boots!

Song playing: I’m with her – Rhett Miller

Jane runs into Danny at the wedding, awkwardly. Jane says she’s sober now and wants to just be single right now. She then runs into Sam, who’s with Laurie now. Awkward moment.

Celia (still attached to Richard) tells Patrick how proud she is of him and how she’s grown to love Annie and knows she’s the one for him. They (group) hug.

Annie’s worried about it raining. Her dad Bob turns up 20 minutes before the wedding. Mary-Alice has a go at Bob. Mary-Alice says she’s been having an emotional affair with a man who “makes me feel special”. Bob admits he’s been having a real affair with a masseur. Mary-Alice can’t do it any more with him and wants a divorce, a fresh start! Oh no, a worried Annie has come out of her room to ask what’s going on… Her parents tells her about the affair and how they want a divorce. Annie says there’s no way she’s walking down the aisle with a cheater.

Lighting and thunder is in the distance as the bell rings while everyone waits for the wedding to start.

A drunk Danny makes a fool of himself, before Jane tries to drag him off. He calls her a red hot “bi-atch”. Sam comes to her defence and says he loves her (apologising to Laurie). Jane says he missed him so much and proposes to Sam! Everyone cheers!

Annie, looking out the window, freaks out and thinks Jane hijacked her wedding!

Marin runs outside and asks Jack to find Danny. But he’s in no state to walk Annie down the aisle. Jack is to do the honors. Marin thinks it’s special. Jack asks Marin to spend his last night with him!

Buzz asks what happened to Jerome, he says “finally a little thing called love” before taking more wedding photos.

It’s incredibly windy and thundery but the wedding goes ahead. Poor Richard is dragged down the aisle with Celia, who is walking Patrick down the aisle.

Annie and Jack walk down the aisle towards Patrick. Marin and Jack make eye contact the whole way down the aisle. “Yes, I’ll spend the night with you,” she says when they reach each other.

Just as Patrick says “I do” (but before Annie does), he’s struck with lightning and collapses!

At hospital, Patrick is asleep and has to undergo tests. Annie stays by his bedside.

Eric thinks everything is all his fault, if he didn’t quit his church they wouldn’t have got married outside. He feels like he let everyone – including Sara – down. He felt the lightning should have been for him. Sara asks Eric if God forgives people for being human, or if God strikes people down, if that’s what he believes. They kiss in the pouring rain.

Jane tells Marin she didn’t mean to get engaged today, it just came out, she goes a little crazy at weddings. Marin tells her to talk to Sam. Jane apologises to Annie but she says it’s ok, “at least someone’s love got celebrated today”.

Bob draws Annie aside at the hospital and apologises to her. Annie tells him to go, immediately. “I’m still your dad, I still love you,” he says.

Eric turns up at the hospital and prays for Patrick:

“Dear God, please be here with us, with Patrick, with Annie. Help us to feel strong. Help him to wake up and give all of us another chance.”

Just then, Patrick wakes up! Eric looks at Sara, shocked.

“Who’s Patrick?” says Patrick!

Everyone “introduces” themselves to Patrick.

Cash is in the hospital for something else? Marin wonders what he’s doing there.

Jack and Marin talk in the hospital corridor about how the evening wasn’t what they had planned before he left. They hug.

Mary-Alice tells Jerome she’s splitting up with Bob in the waiting room. He puts an arm around her and she leans into him.

The next morning, Annie kisses Patrick and asks if he remembers that but he doesn’t but says it was nice. She tells him some of his favourite things.

Jane tells Sam she’s sorry for avoiding him but what happened at the wedding was a big mistake. Sam says proposals should be thought out and meaningful, to last you the rest of your life.

He says she deserves one of those proposals, “where I tell you how much I love the way you curl up when you sleep, how you make me feel smart, and strong and funny, I love your glasses, I love that you came up here for a wedding and it’s dawn and you’re drinking crappy coffee because you care about people, you are it for me Jane…Jane will you marry me (getting down on one knee)?”

“You bet!” is her reply as she bursts into tears.

Richard and Celia are still attached… but Richard has found something a doctor gave him for breaking plasters. Finally they are free! They head off to get something to eat.. together by choice.

Marin races down the wharf to see the plane flying out. She turns around to watch it fly back in again! She runs down to the plane… Jack has come back to check she’s ok. They kiss!

Song playing: Travis – Driftwood

Marin: “Don’t forget me.”
Jack: “I won’t, definitely, not after that.”
Marin: “You know when knights used to go into battle, the women would give their handkerchiefs…something to remember me by” (she wraps her white scarf around him).
Jack: “I’m not going into battle…”
Marin: “Just be careful.”
Jack: “Yeah, you too. I’m going to worry about you.”
Marin: “You know you don’t have to rescue me Jack, maybe someday I can rescue you.”

They kiss again before Jack leaves in the plane.

Marin voiceover:

“They say that instinctively, animals remember their way back home. Maybe it’s a sense of smell, or a place or a memory. We are more fragile, in an instant our memories can become shadows. The distance between our selves and the ones we love begin to seem insurmountable. All some of us can do is to stay close to home and hope that we will not be forgotten. But in the end, remembering is not entirely up to us. Neither is coming home.”

From the promo for the episode: Annie calls off the wedding, Jack and Marin have heart-to-hearts before Jack leaves for nine months. Or does he?
Marin and Jack are going for a walk together in the woods flirting when a wolf comes out and starts chasing them! They run for their lives. Marin comes across a distraught Annie in a clearing in her wedding dress say “no” over and over again. She’s soaking and the rain is pouring down, but just on her. Marin turns around and Jack is gone but his scarf is there, covered in blood and moments later, the wolf. Of course it’s a dream – it’s Mai’s dream.

Mai races over to Marin to describe the dream – or premonition. Marin brushes it off, thinking it’s pre-wedding stress. Mai warns Marin to watch out for her man.

Sara listens to Eric preach a sermon and afterwards they kiss. Some churchgoers catch them kissing.

Annie’s mom Mary-Alice is in town for the wedding. Mai overwhelms her mom and gives her a “mother of the bride” t-shirt (in bright yellow and red). Annie’s mom has brought Annie’s cat of 10 years – “Domino Dan”. She always wanted him to be her ring-bearer!

At the bar, Marin can’t believe Jack is leaving in 11 days. The gang talk about the Huskies team.

Annie is handing out wolf warning posters to everyone. The wolves are getting closer. Marin asks if they will kill you and Jack says if you see one, throw something at it and yell.

Mai and Mary-Alice and Celia are under a Chinese dragon in the church. The women argue about who should be the head and who should be the tail. Meanwhile, they try to get Domino Dan to walk the aisle with the rings. When the door is opened, the cat takes off outside! Everyone goes hunting for the cat. The girls try to stop Annie from crying. Mai tells Celia she thinks the wedding is doomed.

One of the church parish brings a letter to Eric, they’re concerned about some of his practices – preaching not from the pulpit, having “pre-marial” relations, saying God might be a “she”. Eric says he’s not sleeping with Sara but the guy thinks it looks otherwise, given Sara’s past.

Marin it outside her house and thinks she hears a wolf. Jack comes over to investigate. It’s the drunk mascot from the hockey team! Jack and Marin talk about him leaving, he admits it’s not easy for him to leave.

Marin: “I guess there’s a part of me that doesn’t want you to go.”
They almost kiss.
Jack: “Sorry, I’m sorry. I can’t do this. If I kiss you, I’m going to want to stay.”
Marin: “No I get it. Go, go!”
Jack: “Marin if you want me to stay, just say so and I’ll stay.”
Marin: “I’m not going to be that girl, who asks you to stay. You should stay because you want to not because I say to.”
Jack: “That’s crazy. Not you’re just jerking me around.”
Marin: “What, I’m jerking you around? Ok if I was jerking you around – which PS I am not – I would have every right to, you have been jerking me around for months.”
Jack: “So now what? You’re just trying to get back at me?”
Marin: “No, I am expressing to you how I feel.”
Jack: “I’m leaving!”
Marin: “You have made that very clear!”

Celia and Mary-Alice discuss seating plans for the wedding. They are drinking a toast together when Mai angrily turns up and realises she’s been left out.

Uh oh, Annie accidentally has waxed off one of her eyebrows!

Patrick tells Marin how the closer it gets to the wedding, the more he realises Annie is the one for him. Marin says he’s lucky to have that committment. She starts her radio show talking about the complexity of human relaionships.

Jack is shocked to see Annie’s eyebrow. She’s a mess and has tried to draw on an eyebrow but is determined not to cry because the women in her family don’t cry at their weddings. Jack admits he had a fight with Marin but he has no idea what it was about.

Eric and Sara are having dinner when he tells her he’s being called in front of the board because they think he’s sleeping with her even though he’s not. Sara is worried she’s messing things up for him. Eric disagrees and says she’s the best thing that’s happening in his life. They kiss.

Celia discovers a very drunk Mary-Alice under the dragon costume and locks her in a cell overnight, along with the drunk mascot. Mai comes down to the station and argues with Celia and Mary-Alice about being left out. Mai tells Celia she’s through with her and isn’t going to talk to her any more. Mary-Alice spills her guts to Celia about all the many problems with her wedding.

At church, Sara comes in late, everyone stares at her and won’t give her a seat.

Eric: “It’s hilarious, I’m talking about charity and you folks won’t even give a lady a set. I became a pastor because I wanted to make a difference. I believe that God put me on this earth to share my gift of faith with others. But some people here, some people who supposedly represent the interests of this parish have made it clear that they don’t have faith in me. And, if you don’t have faith in me, I can’t do my job for God. So, as of today, I’ll be tendering my resignation. I don’t know where I’m going to find myself next week but I have faith that it’s all gonna work out and I hope that the faithful among you will eventually join me.”

He takes Sara’s hand and they walk out.

Sara: “What are you doing?”
Eric: “Choosing you.”

Marin tells Sara about her fight with Jack. Sara says she thinks it’s the fight you have to help you deal with the being apart. Sara says maybe she wants him to choose her over the job.

Eric tells Annie and Patrick he can’t perform the ceremony in the church any more.

Eric feels bad for them. Sara says following his heart is admirable.

Annie tries hard not to lose it. Patrick says it’s ok to postpone the wedding for a couple of weeks if she wants. Annie really wanted church bells… and two eyebrows for the wedding.

Annie: “But all I really need is you.”
Patrick: “You’re still a trooper. I want to make our wedding day the best day ever.”

They kiss.

Marin goes running and comes across a wolf. She freaks out initially but then tells the wolf to leave and it turns around and runs away!

Mai comes in to see Celia but isn’t talking to her, so uses a sign to communicate.

Marin apologises to Jack for picking a fight with him because she’s mad and sad he’s leaving. She realises he needs to go and it’s a great opportunity. Jack says he worries about her but Marin says she’ll be fine.

Patrick has got Annie a massive church bell, they will get married where they initially met! Patrick assures her everything will be ok.

Ben has found a goalie for the team. While he’s outside on the phone, Jerome starts serving drinks. An inspector comes in and says he’s going to have to shut the place down! Ben says he is supposed to have a wedding reception here but the guy doesn’t change his mind.

Mai gives Annie a tea set passed down through the generations in her family. It’s meant to bring good luck. But suddenly the bell has fallen through the roof, with Patrick too! The tea set breaks and Mai says the wedding is cursed, all the signs are wrong. Annie bursts into tears. Celia and Mai argue and both says they’re dead to each other!

Annie runs outside crying. Patrick chases after her. She tells him the wedding is off!

Eric turns up at Sara’s house and kisses her passionately. She protests but he tells her he wants her.

Cash is back in town.

Jack packs up his bags.

Marin finally finds the cat, with rings still attached. Four wolves turn up and surround her, Marin is freaking out.

To be continued…

Next week: the wedding looks back on again. A bad storm. And Marin running down the wharf as Jack flies out.

Jack comes over to Marin’s house, he couldn’t sleep and he admints screwed up everything, “I’m an idiot, it was you Marin, it was always you” he says before kissing her romantically in the candlelight and spinning her around.. but of course it’s a dream! Marin awakens to her door knocking but it’s Jerome at the door with a parcel. It’s a gift – her book has been translated in Japan!

Jack and Ben play hockey while chatting about life. Jack says he’s OK with it not working out with Lynn.

Annie’s planning her own bachelorette party but is worried that Celia hates her. Marin wonders if she should get a stripper for the bachelor party. Annie thinks Patrick would never be into that.

At the bar, Marin discusses romance vs fantasy with the boys while playing pool. Marin says hers has something to do with a lumber jack and wood but leaves out the details. Jack leaves the bar when asked what his fantasy is.

Marin gets a message that her book has sold out in Japan!

Marin asks Patrick if has any fantasies but he thinks some things are best left unsaid. On her radio show, Marin talks about dreams – “is it wrong to make your fantasy a reality?” she asks her listeners.

When Marin gets home she finds a load of wood and it says from her lumber (Jack) wrapped in a red ribbon! She tries to return the wood to him.

Marin: “What are you trying to do here?”
Jack: “I’m trying to ask you out – on a date. The one we never had: kayaking.”
Marin: “Yeah, I remember what we were gonna do and I’m sorry but that’s not gonna happen anytime soon. There’s way too much water under our bridge and no offence, but it’s gonna take a lot more than a little wood to get me to go out with you!” she says before walking off.

Annie mentions how Patrick serenaders her to Jack – he asks if all women like that sort of thing, even if they say they don’t. He gets a call from a professor which interrupts their conversation. It’s a dream job offer on humpback whales – but it’s 800 miles away in the Bering Sea and for 9 months!

Eric tells Sara after making out that he can’t have sex with her until they’re married since he’s a pastor. She’s frustrated to have a relationship without sex.

Marin comes home to find Jack building a beautiful wooden swing chair for two in front of her house. Marin says she thought she made herself clear and he’s ignoring it. Marin says he’s pushing it.

Jack says “only when it comes to stuff I really want, just give me one night.”
Marin: “Fine but this is not a date.”
Jack: “Ok, I’ll take what I can get, pick you up around 5.”

Finally Jack and Marin go kayaking. It’s so peaceful and beautiful. Jack thanks her for coming, she’s glad she went.

Jack: “I just feel like I’ve wasted enough time already. I want to apologise, I was wrong about everything. I haven’t been able to get you out of my head, I just want to get back to the way we were.”

They lean in and kiss but uh oh, Marin falls out of her kayak!

Later, Marin, wrapped in a blanket in the car says she’s not ready.

Marin: “You did a number on me and as much as I want to forget it I can’t.”

Jack: “Tell me what you need.”

Marin: “The only thing you can give me right now is time, space.”

Jack drives her back home.

Patrick drops a note to Marin, with his fantasy in an envelope. Marin sets it up for his bachelor’s night. But what is it?

Eric drops by to see Sara. They make small talk. Matty is sick and comes to the door and throws up on Eric! Sara and Eric hang out for the night and have (innocent) fun.

It’s the bachelorette party… complete with art corner and open bar. The girls chug back shots – even Annie. A drunk Celia says she loves Annie very much and thinks she’s perfect for Patrick, then starts pole dancing! Later, they sing bad karaoke. Annie tells Marin she has a gift for bringing people together. Annie tells Marin about the research job Jack’s been offered, not realising she didn’t know about it.

Over at the boys party, Patrick is doing a yard glass and then… a butch woman named “Sapphire” comes in to… mud wrestle one of the guys, then later Patrick!

Ben tells the boys he has bought the Huskies and is the new manager.

Annie is shocked when Marin tells her that Patrick got a mud wrestler and races over to the bar…to find Patrick in the ring covered in mud! But Annie ends up getting mad at Sapphire and gets into the ring as well to fight! Everyone cheers her on.

The next day, Annie has bruises. Patrick says it was a stupid fantasy, but liked seeing Annie all dirty! Celia has gone back to her normal mood towards Annie at work.

Jack brings some wood to Marin – again. They stack it together. Jack tells a disappointed Marin that he’s taken the job. If Marin was ready to be with him, maybe he would have stayed. The job will give them both time and space.

The show ends with comparing reality with fantasies. How it takes courage to share your secret desires, it’s a gamble and may bring us together or pull us apart and how we need to be careful what we wish for because it might just come true.

Next week: Annie tells Patrick the wedding is off! Jack tells Marin if she wants him to stay, he will.

The below shows are finishing on TV2 from 22 July – 24 July:
-Pop’s Ultimate Star Sunday 22 July
-Men In Trees Monday 23 July
-Nailed, Sorted, Exposed! Tuesday 24 July
-Grime Scene Investigation Tuesday 24 July

Shows finishing on TV2 (25 July – 27 July)
Shows finishing on TV ONE (21 – 22 July)

We see Jack packing up and posting off a box of Lynn’s belongings – she’s gone to Vancouver.

Marin and Cash enjoy her chicken soup together.

Buzz’s son George comes to town casting for a show with Lucy Wu (Mai’s cousin).

Jack gets his Lynn tattoo on his arm removed.

Celia and Buzz inspect the ice skating ice and they talk about when the ice will crack. She slips over and hurts herself.

Marin gets flowers from Annie, thanking her for her friendship. She reads her a poem she’s written, asking her to be her maid of honor. Annie buys her a glass of champagne to say thanks. At the bar, Marin learns Jack and Lynn have broken up.

Marin tells Cash about Jack and Lynn. Cash starts feeling awkward and thinks it’s time for him to move on, he doesn’t want to get soft and attached having movie nights, talking about Marin’s thoughts about guys. He’s not a fan of long goodbyes and decides to leave. Marin says she liked having him as a roommate and admits she got attached to his company – they hug goodbye.

Jack’s arm is bleeding through his shirt when he sits down at the bar due to his tattoo removal. Cash says Lynn domesticated Jack and says he’s leaving town.

Celia is meant to go on a date with Richard but is in so much pain from falling on the ice, it takes her forever to get in his car. Richard is turning 40 next week and wants to celebrate with her. Celia is surprised he’s still in his 30’s, oops I guess she isn’t!

Marin gives her wedding planner to Annie and Patrick. Annie thinks she should keep it for her and Jack and thinks Jack broke it off with Lynn due to Marin. Patrick is daunted by all the things the groom has to do. Who will be his best man? George says he’ll be his best man but Patrick looks a awkward with it.

Jack goes fly fishing in the woods and discovers a sick and cold Cash tenting out there! Jack brings him in and Cash is desperate for more of Marin’s chicken soup but Jack can’t face Marin, he doesn’t want to hurt her any more and thinks he’s the last person she would want to talk to.

“She’s like the sun after a long winter, she’s like this force that just wakes you up”, says Jack.

George and Patrick have very different ideas for the wedding. George teases Marin about Jack – she wants all the hassling to stop.

“He’s more like the worst man,” says Patrick to Marin.

Marin talks about ice cracking on her radio show and relating that to relationships.

Lucy seems quite taken with Elmo. Mai mentions there’s 10 men for every woman.

Cash caves in and back goes to Marin for soup. Marin thanks Jack for his help. She sees his bleeding arm.

Marin: “It takes time to heal… from a breakup… from a tattoo.”

They joke about the remaining N and what it could stand for.

Jack: “I keep wanting to talk to you, you’re like the only person that I wanted to talk to.”

Marin: “Why did you break up?”

Jack: “I guess I was working too hard to… it just felt wrong. I’m the one who made a fool of myself.”

Marin: “Don’t be, you’re only human.”

Jack: “Painfully human. I messed us up.”

Marin says tearfully: “Jack, I.. know you’re in a lot of pain, I know you want to heal and I want to help you but it’s not like I can just give you chicken soup. I would want to give you more and I can’t right now.”

Jack: “I get it Marin.”

Marin encourages Jack to go to the ice skating tonight, not to hide away from his town, that people will be there for him.

Patrick tells George that his wedding ideas aren’t right for him. He ends up asking Marin to be his best man!

Marin finds Celia stewing that she’s a few years older than Dick. Marin thinks she has nothing to worry about, he’s a smart man.

Lucy goes on a bad date with Jerome. She wants a green card but none of the guys in Elmo are right for her. George offers to marry her so she can get a green card!

Cash is feeling so much better.

“Jack’s right, he said you’re all bright and shiny and crap like the sun.”

Marin’s pleasantly surprised Jack said that.

It’s ice skating time and the whole town is out having fun. And yes, even Jack shows up. Jack thanks Marin for getting him back out and they’re happy to see each other.

George and his partner fight about George offering Lucy a green card – while doing a dance routine on ice. Uh oh, the ice starts cracking and everyone runs.

Celia admits to Dick she’s worried about being older than him.

“You think I care? When I look at you I don’t see age. You’re hot! Let me be the Ashton to your Demi,” he says.

Buzz announces that Celia won the closest time for the ice breaking.

George tells Lucy she deserves real love, Lucy understands. Jerome offers his services Lucy again, which she’s not interested in. George tells his partner the wedding is off and they make up.

Marin comes home to an empty house – Cash has gone again.

The shows ends with Marin talking about how spring is fleeting but you don’t have to endure winters on your own.