Men of a Certain Age

12:00pm Thursday, January 1 on TV2

Funny man Ray Romano (Everybody Loves Raymond) looks at the issues that face Men of a Certain Age in the brand new series premiering tonight on TV2.

Ray Romano once again enjoys acting and writing roles in this series focusing around three men in their late 40s. Joe (Romano), a failed pro-golfer wannabe with a gambling addiction, Owen (Andre Braugher, Thief), a stressed out family man managing a car dealership run by his former NBA star father, and Terry (Scott Bakula, Star Ship: Enterprise), a struggling actor who has never married, are trying to deal with the issues that face middle age.

Winner of a prestigious Peabody Award in 2011, Men of a Certain Age proves that it’s not just women who deal with the pressures of getting to the other side of the hill.