Meteorite Men

DISCOVERY CHANNEL – Mondays form 15 October, 9.30pm

The Meteorite Men, Geoff Notkin and Steve Arnold, all share a passion for adventure, travelling to wild places, and hunting for extra-terrestrial visitors from outer space, the Meteorite Men cover hundreds of acres in the hunt for valuable and mysterious space rocks that have fallen to Earth.

DISCOVERY CHANNEL – Mondays from 9 July, 9.30pm

Extra-terrestrial treasure hunters Geoff and Steve return for a third season of Meteorite Men. Their hunt for space rocks – buried for thousands of years and older than the planet Earth – takes them all over the world to locations including Russia, Poland and the notorious meteorite hot spot the Mojave Desert. They also return to Canada on an urgent mission to survey the Whitecourt crater site and collect its wonders before their scientific information is lost forever to illegal meteorite hunters. And, in a more unusual search, they head to southern Arizona to investigate a cold find. Hunting blind for an unknown, unclassified meteorite is a tall order and they need to recover and classify the rock before the area is pillaged – can they succeed?