MI High


MI High

Saturday 4 October, 4pm

From the makers of Spooks comes the fast-paced, action-packed adventure comedy, MI High, new to TV2.

The 21st Century faces a new threat. The old school spies have had their day. Luckily MI9 has created a new breed of skilled undercover agents, hidden in a place where no villain would think to look – an inner city school.

Here the MI9 have concealed a crack team of teen experts working for the British government. Together, karate black-belt Blane, social chameleon Daisy and technical whiz-kid Rose must use all their gadgetry and guile to prevent the Super Kriminal Underworld League (SKUL) from achieving evil world domination – and prevent their classmates from finding out what they’re up to.

This week, the young spies are called to investigate a normally peace-loving Prime Minister, who is on the verge of declaring World War III. Going undercover, Daisy finds that the PM has been replaced by a cybernetic clone.