Michael Jackson & Bubbles

7:30pm Thursday, December 15 on Prime


The Untold Story

When a million mourners flocked to Michael Jackson’s memorial service in July 2009, the world reflected on all the eccentricities of a creative genius. He lived his life in the middle of the biggest media circus on Earth, but there was also a real Michael Jackson circus. At the height of his popularity, one of his closest and most trusted companions was a chimpanzee called Bubbles. They were once inseparable, but what became of the world’s most famous chimp? Bubbles was only a few months old when he was rescued from medical research and bought by Jackson. The chimp became the world’s most famous pet, but their six year relationship was not a regular pop star’s passing whim. Their lives seemed to mirror each other: Jackson the man who never had a childhood and Bubbles, the chimp who grew up a human. This revealing documentary talks to those who witnessed the relationship first hand and explores the complex psychology behind Jackson’s devotion to his chimp and other animals.