Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

PLAYHOUSE DISNEY – Saturday 4 September, from 8am

“Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” invites preschoolers to join the world’s most beloved character in calling out the “magic” phrase, “Meeska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse!” With that, a fanciful, mouse-shaped structure magically unfolds to serve as the gathering and learning place for young viewers and their pals, Disney’s Sensational Six: Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Daisy and Donald.

PLAYHOUSE DISNEY- Monday 28 June, 7pm

Playhouse Disney brings you Mickey Mondays! All new episodes of ‘Mickey Mouse Club House’ every Monday in June at 7pm. This week tune in for ‘Goofy’s Goofbot’.

PLAYHOUSE DISNEY- Monday 21 June, 7pm

All new episodes of ‘Mickey Mouse Club House’ every Monday in June at 7pm. This week’s episode is Happy Birthday, Toodles.

PLAYHOUSE DISNEY- Monday 14 June, 7pm

All new episodes of ‘Mickey Mouse Club House’ every Monday in June at 7pm. This week’s episode is Super Goof’s Super Puzzle.

PLAYHOUSE DISNEY- Mondays from 7 June, 7pm

Playhouse Disney brings you Mickey Mondays! All new episodes of ‘Mickey Mouse Club House’ every Monday in June at 7pm.

PLAYHOUSE DISNEY – Sunday 25 April, from 12pm

Get goofy this Sunday as we join the one and only original Goofy for a morning of merriment in “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”! Each episode features the infamous Goofy plus a brand new episode. So make sure to tune in and join in on the fun!

PLAYHOUSE DISNEY- Monday 22 March, 9am

Over two special weeks, get up and go with Mickey Mouse and Bo on the Go!

From 9am, spend an hour moving with an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse followed by an episode of Bo on the Go. Plus catch the premiere of the short series “Mickey Mouskersize” from Monday to Friday!

PLAYHOUSE DISNEY – Monday 1 June – Friday 3 July, 7pm

Cuddle up and enjoy two episodes of “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” from 7pm throughout June. Plus, every Sunday, Playhouse Disney will be premiering a brand new episode at 7pm!

PLAYHOUSE DISNEY – Monday 13 – Friday 17 April, from 11am

Speed into April with the gang from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse as they take you on a journey of fun and games in race-themed episodes!  This interactive series is full of vibrant, fun and entertaining challenges that you, the viewer, have to help Mickey and the gang solve!  So step on it and make sure you don’t miss this exciting week of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

PLAYHOUSE DISNEY – Weekdays 17 – 21 November, 11.00am

“Meeska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse!” These are the words that start every adventure on “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”. Join Mickey, Minnie and the rest of the gang as they embark on a week of new quests and challenges including: a camping trip where the gang need to work out how to put up a tent, an art show where Goofy has to learn how to create art and an adventure to outer space to retrieve Pluto’s bouncy ball! New episodes screening in the “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” new episodes week:
Monday November 17 2008: ‘Mickey’s Camp-Out’
Today Mickey and his friends are going to earn Clubhouse Camp Out Badges by completing two tasks: setting up camp and fishing for Gummy Fish. Everyone’s planning to camp with a “Tent Buddy” but Donald decides to camp by himself – and he soon learns that camping with friends is much more fun than camping by yourself.
Tuesday November 18 2008: ‘Mickey’s Art Show’
Mickey’s putting on an arts and crafts show and everyone busily works on their art. Goofy however isn’t sure what kind of art to do. Mickey and his friends get Goofy involved in painting, sculpting and drawing and eventually Goofy discovers that while his art doesn’t turn out like everyone else’s, his art perfectly expresses who he is – and that’s spontaneous, unpredictable and…goofy!
Wednesday November 19 2008: ‘Pluto’s Bubble Bath’
When Pluto’s bubble bath gets out of hand, Mickey and Pluto each get stuck in a Giant Bubble and start floating away from the Clubhouse. Cleverly using our Mouseketools (which are all bath-related: like scrub brushes, rubber duckies and towels), we help return Mickey and Pluto back to the ground – just in time for a fun tea and biscuits party with all our friends.
Thursday November 20 2008: ‘Goofy Goes Goofy’
On the day that Clarabelle asks Goofy to help her set up a new Moo Mart in Mickey Park, Goofy accidentally gets soaked with the Professor’s latest experimental goo and he splits into a dozen Goofys! It’s up to Mickey and all our friends to help out the 12 Goofys…until the effects of the “Gooflipication” wear off!
Friday November 21 2008: ‘Space Captain Donald’
When Pluto’s bouncy ball bounces all the way into outer space, Mickey and our friends led by Space Captain Donald take a trip to the Moon to retrieve the ball.