Midsomer Murders

8:40pm Saturday, March 3 on Prime


The Fisher King

Midsomer Barrow landowner Gareth Heldman is murdered with an Iron Age spear, on the same spot where his father was killed many years before during an archaeologists’ dig at the village’s prehistoric earthworks. Meanwhile, troupes of new age travellers (whom Heldman strongly disapproved of) are arriving to celebrate the summer solstice on June 21st. Barnaby and Scott must reopen the file on the thirty-year-old murder of Roger Heldman in order to solve the recent case.

8:30pm Saturday, February 18 on Prime


Bad Tidings

Barnaby’s new partner, D.S. Scott, arrives from London the day after the Midsomer Mallow Residents’ Association Spanish evening at the Village Hall. Before Scott can settle in he and Barnaby are already investigating a murder. The victim stormed out of the dance the night before after a row with her husband and is found wearing her Flamenco dress, with a red rose in her mouth. Meanwhile, Barnaby’s daughter Cully is organising a reunion with four of her school friends that she hasn’t seen for ten years.

8:30pm Saturday, February 11 on Prime


The Barnaby-Troy partnership comes to an end tonight, as Troy passes his inspector exam and moves on. The two are busy though, when two tearaways are shot and several skeletons are found in a hidden chamber.

8:35pm Saturday, February 4 on Prime


Barnaby and Troy are called in to investigate the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of an inventor. When others tied to the invention start dying, Barnaby must work quickly to uncover the truth.

8:30pm Saturday, January 28 on Prime


Tale of Two Hamlets

Wealthy young Larry Smyth of the Smyth-Webster family is killed in an explosion, leading Barnaby and Troy into a centuries-old feud between the villages of Upper and Lower Warden Manor. The detectives begin to wonder, just how far will this family go to protect its money and power?

8:40pm Saturday, January 21 on Prime


Painted In Blood

Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby and Troy are called to investigate the possible murder of a body Barnaby’s wife has found on the village green, until they are replaced by the National Intelligence Squad. They uncover more than they had expected, however, and the case only gets more complicated…

8:40pm Saturday, January 14 on Prime


Death and Dreams

The quiet of Midsomer Worthy is shattered by the suicide of Martin Wroath. A gambler, drinker and depressive, the complex nature of his death attracts Barnaby’s attention. Wroath had received treatment from the local psychiatric hospital under the supervision of Dr Jane Moore. The Doctor is a widow who juggles her career with being a mother to her three children and her ‘Care in the Community’ approach does not meet with the approval of many of the villagers.

8:40pm Saturday, January 7 on Prime


A Talent For Life

In Malham Bridge, former socialite and feisty pensioner Isobel Hewitt is accused of assault by fellow fly fisher Margaret Seagrove. When Barnaby and Troy investigate the allegations they discover that all is not well on the Midsomer riverbanks. The investigation takes a more serious turn when two bodies are discovered. Are they the victims of a chance attack by poachers or was there a more sinister motive?

8:50pm Saturday, December 24 on Prime


Ghosts Of Christmas Past

It’s Christmas and the troubled Villiers family get together nine years after the death of magician and eldest son Ferdy Villiers. First a cracker riddle predicts that two people will die before midnight on Boxing Day, then frail Lydia Villiers is hospitalised after a fall. As Barnaby abandons his Christmas pudding with the in-laws to investigate, it seems that ghosts from the past and cunning sleight of hand are haunting the household.

UKTV – Mondays from 5 December, 8.30pm

John Nettles and Jason Hughes are back investigating deadly deeds and gruesome goings-on in a brand new series of Midsomer Murders. Unflappable detectives DCI Tom Barnaby and DS Ben Jones are drawn into the worlds of golf and spying as mystery, murder and mayhem shatter the peaceful and picturesque surroundings of the Midsomer villages once again.

Starring: John Nettles (Bergerac), Jason Hughes (Waking the Dead).