Midsomer Murders

8:35pm Saturday, April 17 on Prime


Talking to the Dead

Two couples vanish in the tiny village of Monks Barton, amid rumours of witchcraft and haunted woods. Flamboyant psychic Cyrus LeVanu clashes with pompous cleric Wallace Stone as a body is found, while other villagers seem to be caught up in a stolen antiques racket. Can Barnaby and Jones discover the secret of Barton Woods and find the killer?

8:30pm Saturday, April 10 on Prime


6 Days Of Misrule Tonight on Midsomer Murders Barnaby and Jones are dragged away from a hated team-building exercise to investigate an explosion at a haulage yard run by TA commanding officer Matt Parkes and his son James. James is ruthless in business and with women but is he capable of arson or murder? Calham Cross is also home to a peace protestor, a grieving mother and a host of trained killers at the TA Centre. But who is responsible?

8:30pm Saturday, April 3 on Prime


Tonight on Midsomer Murders, Jean Wildacre (a grandmother and magician’s assistant) drops dead during a stage show, poisoned by a deadly tropical frog. Barnaby and Jones investigate the secretive world of Midsomer’s Magic Circle – a group of friends who once formed a cult together. Ernest Balliol and his family are still obsessed with black magic, but fellow villager Aloysius Wilmington has caused upset by exposing their rituals as fakes. But why would someone want to murder Jean?


8:30pm Saturday, March 27 on Prime


When a body is discovered in woodland, country magazine Midsomer Life and its outspoken owner Guy Sandys come under scrutiny from Barnaby and Jones. One time city fund manager Guy is disliked for his negative reviews of local businesses and his wife Christina ran off with the man who was found dead near Guy’s house. But then Guy himself is stabbed through the heart.

8:30pm Saturday, March 20 on Prime


A mystery from his schooldays comes back to haunt Jones following the deaths of a reclusive couple in Dunstan and a murder at the wedding of one of his oldest friends. Could the spate of killings in the village have anything to do with a fatal road accident and the disappearance of a teenager almost 20 years earlier

8:30pm Saturday, March 13 on Prime


A family feud dating back to World War One comes to a head in Midsomer Parva after the unveiling of a war memorial. Mayor Dave Hicks blames Johnny Hammond for the death of his grandfather, who was shot for cowardice at the Somme. When retired colonel Henry Hammond is murdered, Barnaby and Jones discover the dysfunctional families are connected by dangerous secrets

8:30pm Saturday, March 6 on Prime


Wedding bells ring out in Midsomer as Prime brings back your favourite episodes of Midsomer Murders. Barnaby’s daughter Cully is finally about to get married – but will she ever make it to her honeymoon in New Zealand?

Instead of getting ready for his daughter’s wedding, Barnaby becomes an unwelcome guest at the wedding of the local baron Ned Fitzroy to the quintessential posh totty, Beth Porteous. As Cully suffers from last minute doubts, Barnaby is off investigating the mysterious stabbing of a maid of honour. Time is running out if Barnaby is to make it to Cully’s wedding, sort out her love life and solve a murder – all without getting blood on his morning suit.

Special guest Daniel Casey, who played Sergeant Troy on the series for many years, makes an appearance at Cully’s wedding, reuniting him with the Midsomer cast.

8:35pm Saturday, November 7 on Prime


In this final episode, a local school teacher is the damsel in distress – is she imagining the intruder in her house, or is she really in danger?

Connie Bishop’s neighbours are used to her flinging open her bedroom windows and screaming for help in the middle of the night, but no intruder can ever be found. Many of the villagers think Connie is simply imagining the intruder and working herself into hysterics – and even Connie has her doubts.

But when Barnaby and Jones investigate, they discover that someone has indeed been loitering around Connie’s house. The fact that half the village knows where her backdoor key is hidden – under a flower pot – means catching the intruder won’t be easy.

8:35pm Saturday, October 31 on Prime


Midsomer’s Chettham Park House, once owned by Sir William Chettham, has been bought by entrepreneur Jack Filby to save Sir William from financial ruin. Long-term friends dating back to the days of university, Jack has allowed William, his mother Elizabeth, wife Isobel and son Freddy to stay on living at The Dower House – the smaller house on the estate where the Baronet’s widowed mother would traditionally live. Jack is now the man of the manor with William and Isobel’s son Freddy as his right hand man.

The Chettham’s are throwing a family dinner party to celebrate Freddy’s birthday, and all of William and Isobel’s old university friends are there – David Roper, an author and Freddy’s godfather; Dr Goring, the local GP; village art dealer Hugo Greening and, of course, Jack Filby. But the party is soured when Jack Filby and David Roper have an argument over a book Roper wants to write about their ‘gang’ from university – “a portrait of a generation”. The following morning Roper is found dead in his bed.

Meanwhile, The Creeper is a local burglar raiding the homes of the wealthy, including Inspector Barnaby’s boss, Chief Constable Richard Lovell. What is the connection between Lovell and the other families who have been burgled, and is The Creeper now a murderer as well as a thief? When Dr Goring is found murdered, Barnaby uncovers the key to the whole case – a Chettham family secret which has had murderous consequences. Are Sir William and Lady Isobel Chettham really the model couple, what lies beneath their flawless aristocratic veneer?

Starring Jenny Agutter and Rik Mayall.

8:30pm Saturday, October 17 on Prime


George Jeffers is a scientist who – in collaboration with local wealthy businessman Clinton Finn – has invented a lucrative air traffic control system. There is just one problem, George has discovered a catastrophic glitch in the invention which will cost many lives. He is determined to publicise his findings, but Clinton is just as determined to stop George as any admission of a problem would cause him to lose vast amounts of money.

George is being watched, and his office is broken into twice by an intruder who attempts to hack into his computer. But the situation escalates when Emily Harte, a romantic interest of his, is run over while cycling through the woods at night on George’s bike. It looks like murder, but Barnaby suspects that George was the intended victim, not Emily.

Guest starring David Haig, Jim Norton and Philip Jackson.