Friday 15 June 2012, 4.00 pm on Maori Television

Designed to inspire enquiring minds, Miharo is pacy, colourful and jam-packed with questions and answers. Presented by Whatanui Flavell and Huria Chapman.

Monday June 14 at 4.30 PM on Maori Television

Series premiere! The whole world is a classroom in this educational Maori language series for tamariki. Today: Miharo heads to the city of geysers and mud pools to find new presenter, Whatanui.

Monday October 6 at 4.30 PM

Something to inspire inquiring minds, MIHARO is pacy, colourful and jam-packed with questions and answers, learning and laughter. The show is designed to educate Maori-speaking children in a delightfully entertaining way. Primarily targeted at five to eight-year-olds, this weekday educational series aligns its programme content with school curriculum areas.

Weekdays at 4.00 PM until Friday April 18

Join presenters Kereti Rautangata and Pirimia Burger for one final week of laughter and learning in this popular educational series for tamariki. Targeted at five to eight-year-old kiddies, the show has broken new ground with its school curriculum content. (Maori language)