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The Best on the Box Awards could be heading for one of its biggest upsets yet, with early votes indicating that TV3’s John Campbell is in danger of losing his current affairs crown.

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The Coalition for Better Broadcasting is adding its voice to the many appalled at TVNZ’s choice of Mike Hosking as moderator for the upcoming political debates.

“This is not good broadcasting “says Chief Executive Myles Thomas, “in fact this is terrible broadcasting. TVNZ’s decision to use a famously biased interviewer for the most important political debate of the election is very poor indeed. Continue reading »

mike-hosking-wideEvery election, TV3 and TVNZ conduct a series of live debates with the leaders. We’ve been along to observe and provide commentary and they’re fascinating to watch. With most of these debates, the audiences are supposed to be vetted to ensure they are real undecided voters rather than being stacked with one particular political leaning. Often, this isn’t the case and those who do end up in the audience have some political affiliation. When they get vocal, it’s obvious.

Labour, however, are now concerned about this years debates as TVNZ have named Mike Hosking as their moderator.

The Labour Party is in a standoff with TVNZ over plans to use presenter Mike Hosking to moderate the live televised leaders’ debates.

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hoskingvshenryToni Street mentioned on Friday’s Seven Sharp a Fight 4 Life she would love to see happen –
Mike Hosking and Paul Henry. Hosking’s reply was about what you’d expect:
“I’d deck Paul Henry…big fat Paul Henry…he’d be puffing getting up off the stool”

It would be interesting that’s for sure! Who do you prefer on screen & why – Hosking or Henry?

mike-hosking-300Worldwide Happiness Day will certainly be evident at TVNZ today after Seven Sharp set a new record with the highest rating episode since the show debuted in February 2013.

The average audience for last night’s show was 485,750 viewers, only 11,200 viewers shy of the debut audience record.  Meanwhile, over on TV3, Campbell Live had an exclusive interview with the Malaysian Transport Minister.  The average audience was only 177,220 viewers, resulting in a separation of 308,530 viewers.

This is the widest separation the two 7pm shows have had since they’ve been going head to head and will be seen as huge victories and defeats in their respective camps. Continue reading »