Mirror Mirror

Mirror, Mirror Sundays, 5pm

Excitement and suspense are at the heart of award-winning local teen drama Mirror, Mirror. When two 14-year-old girls, living in different eras, discover that they can not only see through the same antique mirror, but travel through it to one another’s time, an adventure begins which will not only change the present, but also threatens to alter the past. Mirror, Mirror plays 5pm Sundays, on TVNZ Family on TVNZ 6.

When Jo Tiegan goes shopping with her father in 1995, she comes home with more than just a beautiful, oval antique mirror – she comes home with a link between the present and the past. Jo discovers that the mirror is a gateway between 1995 and 1919, where a young girl Jo’s age, Louisa Iredale, lives in the same room, in the same house. By travelling between one another’s rooms, and eras, Jo and Louisa form an amazing friendship. The girls embark on an adventure that gets them caught up in a web of intrigue.
A 1996 co-production between Australia and New Zealand, Mirror, Mirror is the timeless story of perennial children’s favourites: time-travel, magic, adventure, and mystery.

The first series of Mirror, Mirror won Best Children’s Television Drama in the 1996 New Zealand Film and Television Awards. It was also a finalist in the Australian Film and Television Awards. Mirror, Mirror was then entered in the prestigious French competition Prix Jeunesse (which is considered the top Children’s competition in the world) and was selected as a finalist – the first New Zealand drama to be recognised for 15 years. Later that year, Mirror, Mirror won Gold at the World Television Festival in Houston.

Mirror, Mirror has an international fan-base. The first series was sold to well over fifty countries worldwide, including the UK’s Channel 5, Germany’s Nickelodeon, France’s Canal Plus, and TVE Spain.

Now a new generation of Kiwi kids and their families can relax on a Sunday evening and enjoy Mirror, Mirror on TVNZ Family on TVNZ 6.