Miss Popularity

Behind the scenes on Miss Popularity there were so many laughs and fun times that werent shown on screen. It really was a fun time!
What you didnt know ooh:
My host family would sneak me down to the local pub every night and we’d get free drinks. Free drinks = good times.
I have made some great friends with some of the girls. Diana and Kate are my very good friends. They are very very nice girls. Intelligent, beautiful and down to earth.

Treasure Island was a fun show, although some of the contestants took the contest far too seriously and were far too competitve. It was for charity afterall.

The best part of TI was catching up with Vadim and Natalie again. They are good friends of mine and im looking forward to meeting up with them in their hometown next year.

ALT TV – I started presenting on this show last year but have had a break and i’m about to resume my show on a thursday night. It will be loads of fun and i’l have an American friend of mine as my sidekick. he is very funny.