Miss Spider

Miss Spider
Back on Nick Jr.

Nick Jr. welcomes back Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends! A beautiful show for pre-schoolers that follows the everyday adventures of gentle, kind hearted Miss Spider and her diverse family and friends and gives young viewers a bug’s eye view of a whimsical, woodsy wonderland. The show touches on social and emotional themes that children will recognise from their own lives including family, friends and community. Catch Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends weekends on Nick Jr. at 6am from 4th August.

Queens Birthday Special: Dora and Miss Spider Special Episodes
Nick Jr – Monday 4 June, from 6.00am

On Queen’s Birthday Monday, Nick Jr presents two special episodes from two of our favourite characters:

6-7am Dora’s Fairytale Adventure: Dora and Boots are exploring in the forest when they discover the gate to Fairy-Tale Land and enter into a magical place. But… when Boots eats a banana from a witch’s fruit tree, and turns into Sleeping Boots, there’s only one way to break the witch’s spell – Boots must get a hug from a true princess. Will Dora pass the last test, turn into a true princess, and wake Sleeping Boots?

7-8am Miss Spider Special: The Prince, the Princess and the Bee. A kindly beetle that has recently discovered she may be a princess sets out on a magical journey to explore her royal heritage. They say that getting there is half the fun, and as Shimmer and Miss Spider embark on the journey of a lifetime, they’re bound to remember their trip together forever no matter what the outcome.