Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends

Daily at 8.05am and 12.05pm

“Spiders are spinning away in the trees, Buggies are bouncing and riding the breeze, Gliding through the sky, We’re flying high, The fun we hatch, In Sunny Patch.” An animated show based on the beloved children’s books by David Kirk, Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends stars a family of adventurous arachnids who remind young viewers to get in touch with their inner bug as they explore the wonders of nature, daily at 8.05am and 12.05pm on TVNZ Kidzone on TVNZ 6.

In each episode of Miss Spider’s, the gentle, kind-hearted Miss Spider and her family and friends give young viewers a bug’s-eye-view of a woodsy wonderland.
The show touches on social and emotional themes that pre-schoolers will be familiar with in their own lives. The overarching theme is about the importance of getting along with others – family, friends, and members of our community.

David Kirk, the author and illustrator of the beloved Miss Spider’s series, enjoys watching his characters come to life on the small screen.

“I think the writers for the show have done a wonderful job at conveying the same lessons I try to stress in my books: It’s important to be kind. It’s important to have empathy for those different from yourself. It’s important to enjoy the beautiful world we live in and to share it with others.”