Cliff-CurtisKiwi actor Cliff Curtis has been cast as a Latino gangster in a new drama pilot in the States.

Curtis has joined Gang Related, a Fox network pilot that centres on a gang member sent to infiltrate the San Francisco Police Department and rise through the ranks.

He will play the role of Javier Acosta, the leader of one of the most powerful Latino gangs in the city, La Familia Sud.

The character is described as a “charismatic businessman with plans to legitimize the family business who is fully aware that his cruel and impulsive son Carlos is a disaster waiting to happen”. Continue reading »



9:30pm Monday, August 27 on TV One

How far would you go to save the only thing you have left in the world? Find out in TV ONE’s action-packed drama, Missing.

In the final ever episode of Missing, Dax reaches Paul in a Bulgarian prison and makes the ultimate sacrifice to aid his escape.

Becca realises she must take drastic measures to find her son, and tortures Violet for information on Michael’s whereabouts.

Then, both Becca and Paul race to find their son and stop the exchange of nuclear material. But will it be too late?

Missed an episode of Missing? This programme is available online. Go to www.tvnz.co.nz and click ‘on demand’.



9:30pm Monday, August 6 on TV One

How far would you go to save the only thing you have left in the world? Find out in TV ONE’s brand new action-packed drama, Missing.

Tonight, Becca is forced to recall painful memories of her time as a CIA agent in order to prove her innocence.

After being questioned by Ortega, Becca manages to escape thanks to an unknown third party. She resumes the hunt for Michael, unaware that her fleeing makes her the prime suspect of Ortega’s murder

Meanwhile, Michael and Oksana believe they are finally safe, but an unknown danger puts a life at risk.



9:30pm Monday, July 30 on TV One

How far would you go to save the only thing you have left in the world? Find out in TV ONE’s brand new action-packed drama, Missing.

Tonight, Becca uncovers evidence of a connection between Michael’s disappearance and Paul’s former business contact, Viktor Azimoff.

Meanwhile, Dax’s hands are tied when CIA support for Becca’s search is suspended. Things get worse when Dax’s superiors start to suspect Becca may be working for the wrong side.

Becca reaches Michael’s prison, but will his escape plan get in the way of his rescue?



9:30pm Monday, July 16 on TV One

How far would you go to save the only thing you have left in the world? Find out in TV ONE’s brand new action-packed drama, Missing.

Tonight, Becca is reunited with her CIA mentor, Martin Newman (Keith Carradine, Cowboys And Aliens) who she still blames for her husband Paul’s death. But Martin tells Becca some hard truths about Paul, claiming he was a corrupt agent who was killed after he became too greedy.

Refusing to believe the accusations, Becca sets out after the man she believes killed the love of her life but instead comes face to face with the last person she ever expected to see again.

And Michael gets a severe warning about what happens if he tries to escape.

9:30pm Monday, July 9 on TV One

How far would you go to save the only thing you have left in the world? Find out in TV ONE’s brand new action packed drama, Missing.

Tonight, Becca is certain that she saw her son being forced onto a private plane. But when the CIA board the aircraft, Michael is nowhere to be seen.

Waking up in a sprawling castle, Michael is unbound and attempts to escape before a sniper shot stops him in his tracks. He heads back to his captors, but his voyage outside has given him valuable clues about his location.

And Becca’s best friend Mary (Aunjanue Ellis, The Help) complicates matters with her surprise arrival in Europe.



8:30pm Monday, July 2 on TV One

How far would you go to save the only thing you have left in the world? Find out in TV ONE’s brand new action-packed drama, Missing, premiering tonight in a special two-hour episode.

At eight-years-old, Michael witnessed his father’s (Sean Bean, Mirror Mirror), murder. 10 years later, his mother Becca (Ashley Judd, High Crimes) still struggles to let Michael out of her sight. However, when he gets the chance to study abroad, she reluctantly realises it’s time to let her son go.

Just a few weeks into his trip, Michael disappears and Becca immediately suspects foul play. When she arrives in Rome, she begins piecing together the clues left behind and it isn’t long before the kidnappers realise they’ve picked a fight with the wrong woman.

For Becca Winstone has a secret of her own. Before her husband’s death, she was a lethal CIA Agent. But if she wants to find her son alive, Becca will have to rely on old friends and re-open old wounds. All of her resourcefulness, skill and determination will be put to the test – but a mother’s love knows no limits.

Ashley Judd leads the star-studded Missing cast, supported by Sean Bean and our very own Cliff Curtis. Judd embraces her inner action hero by shooting guns, crashing Vespas and falling off bridges throughout different European cities as she trails her son.

Ashley Judd delivers a “moving performance not quite like anything else on television at the moment.” – New York Times.

Kiwi actor Cliff Curtis has had his new drama series Missing axed by the ABC network in the States.

The series, which features Ashley Judd in the lead role, started promisingly enough before ratings began to drop over the 10 episode season.

The bad news continued this week for NZ talent, with Sam Neil’s series Alcatraz also cut by its network after just one season.

Add to that Rhys Darby’s axed sitcom How To Be A Gentleman and all-in-all it hasn’t been the most promising TV season for kiwis in America. Continue reading »

Secure your seat belts, stow away your tray tables and prepare for take-off as TVNZ today announces its New Season 2012 line-up which includes the launch of the international new hit series, Pam AM.

As well as announcing the hottest new international series, the TVNZ line-up includes all the biggest returning series, the very best of our local dramas and factual entertainment series as well as international blockbuster movies, consolidating its position as market leader.

Head of Sales and Marketing Paul Maher says, “In 2012 we have outstanding content for both TV ONE and TV2, and look forward to developing opportunities to leverage that content with the 2.5 million New Zealanders we engage with every day. Working closely with our customers we will utilise these assets to create competitive advantage for their brands and businesses.”

Head of TV ONE and TV2, Jeff Latch says that TVNZ continues to strive to bring our audiences programmes that Kiwis want to watch. “We work with the best local production companies and international distributors to create a schedule that provides our viewers with a mix of exciting, dramatic and above all, entertaining content that resonates with New Zealanders,” says Latch.

TV ONE will heat things up again in the kitchen, introducing the third series of the hit local show MasterChef New Zealand, as well as MasterChef Masterclasses, the successful series that helps foodies up-skill their cooking abilities, guided by expert judges Josh Emmett, Ray McVinnie and Simon Gault.

New local smash hit, Nothing Trivial will continue to follow the lives of our favourite pub quiz team in a second series. Resident clinical psychologist, Nigel Latta will this year tackle The Politically Incorrect Guide To Grown Ups, an hilarious look at how to manage adults from all walks of life. Michael Van de Elzen will be back with another wonderful cook-up in The Food Truck and Te Radar this time ventures into the South Pacific in Radar’s Pacific.

Following on from the success of this year’s Sunday Theatre, TV ONE will showcase another series of locally made dramas. Intrepid Journeys will throw more local celebrities into remote places across the globe to discover new adventures and learn more about other cultures, and more importantly, learn about themselves.

Returning favourites include Beyond The Darklands, Fair Go, Coastwatch, Piha Rescue and Border Security.

TV ONE showcases the new international series, Pam AM which focuses on the loves and lives of four stewardesses who traverse the globe encountering romance, intrigue and adventure every time their cutting-edge 707 hits the tarmac, and starring Christina Ricci (Monster). Other leading series include Unforgettable, featuring Poppy Montgomery (Without A Trace), Person of Interest which features Michael Emerson from Lost in his new leading role. Another Lost star, Jorge Garcia features in the new series Alcatraz, which also stars New Zealand’s own Sam Neill.

Popular returning series include family favourite Packed To The Rafters, Undercover Boss, Criminal Minds, Castle and Off Spring, featuring Kiwis’ favourite lad Jay Ryan from Go Girls; and a new series of the hugely successful My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.

TV2 is the home of New Zealand’s most watched comedies and the new year launches with the new-look, Two And A Half Men, including Ashton Kutcher; the award-winning The Big Bang Theory, Cougar Town, Happy Endings, The Middle, and Hot In Cleveland.

All of TV2’s favourite series will also return in 2012. These include: The Mentalist, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Body Of Proof, Hell’s Kitchen, American Idol, and the return of the much anticipated second series of The Walking Dead. My Kitchen Rules this year will feature a New Zealand couple taking on the Aussies; The Amazing Race will be back, as well as the finale to the world’s most popular drama, Desperate Housewives.

New international series launching on TV2 include Revenge, starring Emily Van Camp (Brothers & Sisters) and Madeleine Stowe (12 Monkeys), a series which focuses on one young woman’s desire not to forgive those who destroyed her family, but to get her revenge on them. Once Upon A Time commands a stellar cast including Robert Carlyle (Trainspotting), Ginnifer Goodwin (He’s Just Not That Into You), and Jennifer Morrison (House). Created by the writers of Lost it is a modern day take on fairy tales and the constant battle between good and evil.

Other new dramas to the new TV2 line-up include Dallas, featuring Jessie Metcalf (Desperate Housewives), G.C.B starring Kristin Chenoweth from Pushing Daisies, and Leslie Bibb (Iron Man); Missing featuring Ashley Judd (Double Jeopardy) and Kiwi star Cliff Curtis; as well as the much anticipated new series from renowned director Steven Spielberg, The River.

The number one new hit series in America, 2 Broke Girls will join the Comedy Wednesday line-up; Fran Drescher (from The Nanny) will return to TV2 in the new series Happily Divorced, other new comedies include Man Up!, I Hate My Teenage Daughter, Suburgatory and Chelsea Straight Up starring Laura Prepon (That 70’s Show).

This year marks a television landmark with Shortland Street turning 20. TV2 will be celebrating with another feature length episode, and a special birthday episode. TV2 will also see the return of the ratings winner Go Girls, as well as popular factual reality winners Neighbours At War, Police Ten 7, the award-winning Rescue One, and Motorway Patrol. 20/20 also returns with more in-depth local investigations.

Hit international movies coming to TV2’s Sunday Premiere Movie slot in 2012 include: Eat, Pray, Love, Toy Story 3, The Karate Kid, Where The Wild Things Are, The Time Traveller’s Wife, Law Abiding Citizen, Alice In Wonderland, Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, and Disney’s A Christmas Carol.

Curtis lands new role

Kiwi actor Cliff Curtis has landed a role in American drama series Missing. Curtis will play the director of a CIA branch in the series that features Ashley Judd in the lead role.

Kardashian to guest on Law & Order: LA

Reality TV personality Khloe Kardashian will make a guest appearance on and episode of Law & Order: Los Angeles. Kardashian will play herself in the episode, which centres on the shooting of a celebrity stylist.

Jersey Shore cast face restrictions

The cast of Jersey Shore will face a range of restrictions while shooting for the show’s fourth season in the Italian city of Florence. Among the rules will be no drinking in public spaces and no access to some of the city’s famous historic places.

Evers-Swindell defends royal telemovie

NZ actor Nico Evers-Swindell has had to defend the telemovie he stars in as Prince William after critics panned it as “toe-curlingly, teeth-furringly, pillow-bitingly ghastly” among other things. The actor says the film was designed to get people in the mood for the actual wedding: “This wasn’t a British production, Tom Hooper didn’t direct this, this isn’t The King’s Speech. This isn’t an in-depth look at the royal family.”