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stan-scott1. What does your job entail?
I’m pretty lucky with my job because it varies so much. Every day can be different. This year I have been working on Mitre 10 Dream Home, which has meant traveling to Christchurch every weekend. Around filming, we’ve been working on more Easy As material as well as the regular house renovations. Life is pretty busy!

2. Share your favourite work story
Working on a television show called Resort was definitely a highlight. I was based there for 5 months and getting to work with the locals was a great experience. Continue reading »

Mitre10DreamHomeSimon BarnettTVNZ has confirmed their sponsorship partners for the upcoming season of Mitre 10 Dream Home on TV2.

Mitre 10 and ASB Bank are the major partners for this year’s Canterbury season, with EECA Energywise, Resene, Hunter Furniture, Toyota, Noel Leeming, Flooring Xtra, FIRST Windows & Doors, Sleepyhead, Harcourts, and NZ Steel’s Colorsteel roofing brand installed by Metalcraft also throwing their weight behind the DIY series.

New Zealand’s largest home improvement retailer, Mitre 10, has renewed its long association with the hit show that bears its name. Mitre 10 Dream Home challenges two families to build their ultimate dream home and previously aired from 1999 to 2009. Continue reading »

A final six Cantabrian families have been selected and for the first time, New Zealand can vote for the family they think most deserves a shot at creating and winning their dream home.

The final six families in the running for Mitre 10 Dream Home are:

  • The Fail/Blair family: Amanda Fail (31) is a hairdresser and Jay Blair (29) is a fabric layer and cutter for a clothing company. The de facto pair has been together for two and a half years and have three children from Amanda’s previous marriage.
  • The Giles family: Martyn Giles (43) is a sign writer and Sarah Giles (35) is a stay-at-home mum. They are married, have been together for 18 years and have two biological kids and four foster children between them. Sarah home-schools all six children.
  • The McManus/Clarkson family: Manu Clarkson (33) is a fire-fighter and Danielle McManus (27) is a full-time mum. They have been together 10 years, are currently engaged and have three children.
  • The Murphy family: Jarrad Murphy (28) is a sales manager and Casey Murphy (24) works in admin part-time. They have been together for five and a half years and have two young children. They got married at the beginning of this year.
  • The Vercoe family: Damian Vercoe (30) is a brand manager and Crystal Vercoe (29) is a work-at-home mum with a hobby business. They are married, have been together 10 years and have two young children.
  • The Wilson family: Riki Wilson (25) is a labourer and Whitney Wilson (24) works in data entry. They are married, have been together for four and a half year and have two young boys.

Voting is now open and can be completed via TVNZ’s website. Voting closes November 9.

Public vote will determine the first family through and the second will be selected by a judging panel. The final two will be revealed when Mitre 10 Dream Home returns to TV2 in 2013.

Simon Barnett is to host Mitre 10 Dream Home, returning to TV2 in 2013.

Simon is a veteran television and radio personality and has a strong connection to Christchurch, where Mitre 10 Dream Home will be based next year.

He is delighted to be part of a series that has generated such tremendous goodwill in past seasons. Continue reading »

It’s happened again.  Complacency has won out over creativity and it’s now just too hard for TVNZ to make Mitre 10 Dream Home profitably.

A season in 2010 of the highly rating series was always in question after the company that had been making it went belly up recently but TVNZ had been expressed interest so there was still a glimmer of hope of it surviving.  However, thankfully there is a bit of a recession on at the moment so that’s excuse that’s been handed down as why they’ve decided to shelve it.

This leads me to a number of questions.  TVNZ were planning on producing the show in-house which one would expect would have saved them thousands in the first instance so where does that leave the problem being?  One would have to assume therefore that the sponsors just aren’t prepared to stump up with the same level of support that they had in the past leaving TVNZ with the proposition of either finding other sponsors or dropping it altogether.

Of course, it’s too much effort to have that level of commitment from our state broadcaster.  The easier, cheaper option is always the safer one to go with.

So what will replace it?  I’m sure they could pick Channel Nine’s Home Made for dirt cheap.

Here’s to less local content on air, again.

High-rating TV show Mitre 10 Dream Home has been axed by TVNZ after it found it couldn’t afford to make it.

Show host Jayne Kiely said she believed the show would return in 2011, but there would be no show next year.

Kiely blamed the economic climate for the show’s cutting. “It’s just tight out there, everything is tight.

“A lot of people give a lot of stuff on Dream Home and it’s just harder and harder to get those people on board.”

Kiely was remaining positive that the axing was not permanent and the show would return. “It’s the kind of thing that you think is going to go on and on. I really don’t think it’s gone forever – a break is good.”

The show screened its 10th season earlier this year and was produced by the now-closed Ninox Television.

TVNZ had earlier decided to commission the next season and had started scouting for locations and taking expressions of interest from couples wanting to be on the show.

This is it.  The live final of Mitre 10 Dream Home for 2009.  Rachel Bowes & Dave Delore – Blue Team or Mike & Te Ana Bromley – Yellow Team?  If you need to make a last minute vote, here are the voting numbers.

Of course, before we get to any result there is a long recap.  It looks like Blue team had a great time in Auckland after winning the landscaping task last week.  Loved that they only order something could pronounce at the restaurant though.

The live vote counter is slowly ticking away and getting close to 20,000.

Both couples play host as they show each other through the houses they’ve been working on.

We get to see the open home where half of Greymouth has come down to see the houses and meet the couples.  The Coasters are full of praise.

Nearly 28,000 votes.

The Valuations

QV valued the houses originally at $85,000 each with most of that being land.  The Yellow house is valued at $300,000. Mike and Te Ana aren’t looking very optimistic.  Mitre 10 have put $20,000 on the table.  They meet with Emma, their mortgage manager from Westpac who gives them their approval for $180,000 which is about what they expected.

The auction for the Yellow house starts at $150k and rises to $200k with Yellow but the auctioneer ends after they wanted $225k.

QV value the blue house at $300,000 as well.  Rachel and Dave are also given $20,000 from Mitre 10.  Emma hands them their approval for $250,000 which they’re really excited about.

The votes are up to 37,000 as the auction starts at $150k.  The blue team take the auction to close at $225k.

The voting lines are about to close.

With the lines about to close we meet all the family who have been helping out.  After looking at how energy efficient the houses were, Energywise award the yellow team as the most energy efficient.  They’ve won their supporters $5,000 each.  However, Blue’s supporters are also walking away with $3,000 each.

The lines are closed.  Despite winning the most rooms, Blue finished 13 points behind Yellow 161 to 174.  At the final count, Roger gives Yellow 4/10 and Blue 8/10. Nat gives Yellow 9/10 and Blue 6/10. Doug gives Blue 8/10 and Yellow 6/10.

The Winners

Mitre 10’s Peter Stewart announces the result.  It’s the Yellow team!

Blue win their auction for $235,000 and get to keep their house as well.


Hours and hours of hard work, blood, sweat and tears have gone in to renovating two old houses in Greymouth and tonight it all comes to an end as one of the couples will walk away with their dream home.

After the judges scores and the public vote have been combined, either Rachel Bowes & Dave Delore – Blue Team or Mike & Te Ana Bromley – Yellow Team will walk away with their fully renovated house and landscaped section and the entire contents: a prize valued at well over $500,000.

The couple that misses out will still have the chance to win their home at auction.

Here are the voting numbers

In tonight’s final episode (Monday 20 April, 7.30pm), TV2 takes you to the live action in Greymouth, where the winner of Mitre 10 Dream Home, will be decided.

At the beginning of Mitre 10 Dream Home, Mike and Te Ana were chosen as the Yellow team, and Rachael and Dave, were chosen to wear the Blue jackets, and then began their challenge of renovating and extending two old relocated homes.

The producer of Mitre 10 Dream Home Lindi Elder says that the teams have come a long way since the beginning of the show, and both couples have been fantastic.

“When they were first chosen we explained the process, but until they experienced it firsthand, it was difficult for them to understand really what it was like to cope with the demands of the work; being in front of cameras, building a house, different team dynamics, tiredness and the publicity that the show generates!

Elder laughs and continues, “I think both couples have coped extremely well with the demands of the past few months, especially as they both have young childen.”

Starting from scratch, the Blue and Yellow couples have worked tirelessly over nine weekends, pouring their hearts and souls into the project, renovating their houses room by room, to create their dream home.

Elder explains that while the couples developed renovating skills and grew in confidence throughout the series, the support of family and friends has been integral to the process.

“Both couples have had amazing family and friend support not only during the renovation part of the show but with people turning up to help every weekend. Their Dads turned up each weekend to work on the houses and their Mum’s were babysitting and cooking behind the scenes – all this because they love their kids and want a better future for them,” Elder explains. “It’s also the reason Dave and Rachael, and Mike and Te Ana took part in the show – so they can give their kids a better future.”

Presenter Jayne Kiely agrees that the support has been incredible. “It has just been so great to see the whole community get behind the two couples, helping them to achieve their dream.”

Both young couples deserve to win having worked incredibly hard, and most incredibly, they’ve become friends with each other, but tonight only one couple can take away the prize.

Chosen by public vote and our expert judges, the winning couple will be awarded the grand prize of their fully renovated house and landscaped section including the entire contents: a prize package of well over $500,000.

The other couple will take their chance at the auction tonight.

Will it be Yellow or Blue? Tune in to see who will win their Dream Home.

If you have missed an episode, full episodes of Mitre 10 Dream Home will be available free online 12 hours after the show has aired on TV2. Go to and click the ‘on demand’ button.

Photo: Jayne Kiely and Blue and Yellow teams.

Jayne Kiely (Mitre 10 Dream Home) is interviewed by Sunday News.

She says she never would have dreamed the show would still  be going after 10 years but thinks it’s an uncomplicated show to follow, and viewers get attached to the families over time. The show has become more energywise and sustainable.  The prizes are now bigger than ever. 

“I am thrilled it is [still going], because it is a great opportunity to get young Kiwi families into their first home.”

Jayne says she runs and walks her dog to keep fit, would love to be a great singer, is scared to put her head under the water and thinks Central Otago is the best place in the country to live.