Mitre10 Dream Home

MKR_JudgesNew Zealand’s Got Talent and Mitre10 Dream Home have been dropped by TVNZ in favour of new multi-night format shows.  This news comes on the back of announcements from TVNZ that My Kitchen Rules is getting a New Zealand version which, if as the statement suggests, will be at least two nights per week, or more.

Australia has developed strong series like Masterchef Australia and My Kitchen Rules as multi-night formats which have delivered ratings boosts for their prospective broadcasters and the successes are finally starting to gain traction here.  With The Block working well for Mediaworks, it was only a matter of time before TVNZ jumped on the bandwagon and began producing more of their own multi-night shows. Continue reading »

2013 wasn’t really too bad of a year for television.  If anything, free to air broadcasters have struggled the most with much of the new drama content, particularly out of the US, being substandard to the likes of what the cable channels and digital networks are providing.  In any case, here are ten things that didn’t do it for me in 2013.

# 3rd Degree
Where do I begin. Continue reading »

The second season of The Block NZ kicked off last week and so far has outperformed the first season by 14%.  The average audience for the first two weeks in 2012 was 326,905 viewers compared to 374,068 in 2013.


After the success of the first season, TVNZ decided that they needed to capitalise on TV3’s success and bought back Mitre10 Dream Home.  It was packaged nicely as a feel good story for Christchurch where so many had been impacted by the earthquakes but how did it rate in comparison?

The average audience for the first season of The Block NZ was 372,417 viewers per episode on TV3.  This years series of Dream Home had 5% less viewers with an average audience of 354,931 viewers per episode. Continue reading »


I am completely unsurprised by the Orange team’s win last night.  Was it ever going to go any other way?  A couple who have opened their home and heart to other people’s children who were in a much worse state of affairs vs the gimmick of a lesbian couple.  Sure, it was topical with the whole same sex marriage bill that recently passed but putting the vote in the hands of middle New Zealand was always going to see the pendulum swing one way.

While the Orange team walked away with their mortgage free Dream Home, the Black team still scored a $375,000 home with $50,000 from ASB to help them get started.

With two beautiful brand new homes for only $375,000, it does make you wonder what all the fuss is about affordable housing. Continue reading »

houserules_s1ep1I apologise for the somewhat misleading headline as doubling something tends to sound rather impressive.  The reality is that it is quite easy to double a very small number.

Last night’s episode of House Rules on TV3 drew an average audience of 201,930 viewers, up 93% on Tuesday where the show only managed 104,450 against TV2’s M10 Dream Home. Continue reading »

houserules_s1ep1TV3 made the bold move of putting House Rules, from the makers of My Kitchen Rules, up against Mitre10 Dream Home on TV2.  With are reasonably decent marketing campaign in tow, House Rules went head to head with Mitre10 Dream Home last night for the first time but after the dismal ratings it must surely be a matter of time before TV3 concedes defeat once again and shuffles their schedules.

The average audience for Dream Home was up 14% on its debut last week, jumping from 365,950 to 417,780 viewers.  The debut for Dream Home was slightly lower than The Block NZ’s debut last year which saw it pick up an average audience of 367,920 viewers. Continue reading »

With the teams selected, TV2’s Mitre10 Dream Home began the process of turning the empty shells into completed rooms tonight.  Amazingly though, I didn’t see one single person wearing one of those Mitre10 branded shirts wearing any form of protective clothing while they handled, cut and installed the pink batts into the first room of the challenge: the master bedroom.

Not exactly following their own advice.

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simon-barnett-mitre10-dreamhome-2013bHe has to be one of the nicest, most genuine personalities on TV and it’s great to see Simon Barnett return to the small screen as host of Mitre10 Dream Home, and this time in the city he calls home.

1. What does your job entail?
25 years on breakfast radio at More FM with Gary McCormick. Up at around 4.30am Monday – Friday and lately fiming Mitre 10 Dream Home Friday night till midnight, Saturdays and Sunday. That’s my life for the last four months!  Continue reading »

Adding hashtags to everything is common practice these days, especially TV shows.  However, social media has never been one of TVNZ’s strong points.

Trying to follow the conversation on twitter of the return of TV2’s Mitre10 Dream Home was difficult due to the multitude of hashtags which was due in part to the lack of an identifier during the episode.  However, there was a preferred hashtag, as identified by TV2’s twitter account.

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Mitre10 Dream Home returns after a hiatus, and probably the success of TV3’s The Block NZ, and this year they’ll be building where homes are needed most – Christchurch.  Well, close.  Kaiapoi to be precise soI hope the finalists don’t mind a bit of commuting.  I wonder if all the consents are done after the recent drama created by the IANZ announcement.

In what is a really cruel twist, there are six families vying for the chance to win a new home.  Unfortunately for them, only two will have the chance to compete.  Each family has a story worthy of being a finalist but their story seems to be less important than their ability to design and build a model house. Continue reading »