Last night’s The Bachelor rose to its highest level for the season with an average audience of 323,620. This was an increase on Campbell Live’s average audience of 284,330.

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Despite Campbell Live’s average audience from last night’s show dropping from Monday’s high, a respectable 309,460 viewers tuned in for the show. While those numbers are definitely better than they’ve been, what TV3 will be happy about is the minimal loss of lead in into The Bachelor NZ which enjoyed an average audience of 306,550 viewers.

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With only three weeks to go, TV3 will be desperately hoping that the final weeks bring that traditional lift that has been missing and craved for the entire season. Last night’s average audience was only 283,890 viewers which should have been spectacularly higher thanks to the stunning ratings that Campbell Live delivered last night.

The X Factor lost almost a third of its lead in last night from Campbell Live after they’d delivered a 20% growth on the 3 News audience. The rest of the night went downhill from there.

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There’s this old adage around having taxpayer funding for local content that it’s so we can see ourselves on screen. But do we really want to?

I’m talking, of course, about the ratings between TV3’s The X Factor NZ and The Bachelor NZ and the new series of TV2’s My Kitchen Rules from Australia.

After only 3 days, TV2 has beaten the local shows every night.

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Yes, I did just write that headline. Amazingly, an average audience of only 271,810 viewers tuned in for The X Factor elimination last night. While you could look at the data and say, well, the ratings for Monday night’s eliminations are up, except for last week’s show, the numbers are practically flat and certainly well down on the audition phase of the series.

So what does this mean? I’d suggest that the buzz around the show is internal. Mediaworks might be pushing the series across its vast network of radio stations but having the biggest radio audience doesn’t appear to translate into TV viewers.

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4 of the My Kitchen Rules NZ teams – click on the pictures to view their Facebook pages.

The finale of MKR Australia screens here on Wednesday 20th August – no word yet on when MKR NZ will be premiering, but as per the pic it will screen Sunday, Tuesday & Wednesday at 7.30pm.
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MKR-NZ-hosts-300After the success of My Kitchen Rules Australia on TV2 and TVNZ’s initial press release “Kiwi My Kitchen Rules coming to TV2“, you’re probably thinking MKR NZ will be screening on TV2, right? Wrong.

Yesterday TVNZ announced the hosts of MKR NZ “coming to TV ONE”.

Is MKR replacing MasterChef NZ? Do you think it will rate as well for TV One?

MKR-NZ-hosts-300And you’ve still got a couple of weeks to get your applications in if you want to be on this show

Award-winning chefs Ben Bayly (The Grove, Baduzzi) and Gareth Stewart (Soul Bar and Bistro) will host My Kitchen Rules NZ, coming to TV ONE later this year.

Ben Bayly is currently Head Chef at both The Grove and Baduzzi in Auckland, and is renowned for his modern-style food using classic French cooking techniques. Continue reading »

There will be a lot smiles at Flower St this morning. While The X Factor didn’t quite manage to slam the breaks on the TV2 juggernaut MKR, they held their own and drew an average audience of 449,740 viewers, less than 5,000 behind MKR’s 454,210. It was a slightly lesser number than the 467,360 they pulled on debut.

However, when you combine the +1 channels, The X Factor picks up an additional 62,190 viewers taking their total to 511,930 giving them an end result that was 57,720 ahead. Continue reading »

It was kinda inevitable.  A locally produced, NZ On Air funded drama up against the Australian cooking juggernaut that is MKR was always going to struggle no matter how good it was or the credentials were behind it.  In Australia, My Kitchen Rules is massive and pulls in around 2 millions viewers per episode.  Here it is consistently rating above 400k so when it launched this it was hardly a surprise to see The Blue Rose take a hit.

The Blue Rose had a slightly better start than the show that made Antonia Prebble and Siobhan Marshall household names.  Back in 2005, Outrageous Fortune debuted with an average audience of 260,751 viewers while The Blue Rose kicked off with 264,380.   Continue reading »