Monday Night Documentary

Monday Night Documentaries: Miss Hawaiian Tropic Uncovered

VIBE – Monday 17 December, 8.30pm

A New Zealand camera crew travelled to Las Vegas to go behind the scenes at this exciting international event. From the bikini fittings and photo shoots, to the parties and glamorous pageant itself, this one-hour special treats viewers to an all-access pass to the legendary ‘Miss Hawaiian Tropic’ event. Kiwi ‘Golden Girl’ Carena West is on the trip of a lifetime, and a very different ‘O.E’ from most. From humble beginnings, working in an Auckland Tanning Salon, follow Carena as she travels to the bright lights of Las Vegas to compete with overseas beauties for the prestigious title of Miss Hawaiian Tropic International. Filmed in 2006.

Monday Night Documentaries: Extreme Celebrity Scandal

VIBE – Monday 10 December, 8.30pm

Nowadays, there are more celebrity scandals than the tabloids know how to handle. Hollywood, it seems, is in meltdown…Infamous publicist, Max Clifford, gives his guide to six of the biggest celebrity scandals to hit the news. How did the stories break, how did the public react, how high did the circulation go as these tabloid tales unfolded and what chance do the famous faces stand of recovering both their dignity and their careers? Whose bad behaviour has landed them sixth place in this dubious hall of fame and which celebrity scandal has sent magazine sales shooting so high they’re in at number 1? Part documentary, part list show, Extreme Celebrity Scandal delivers a fast and furious topical romp through six of the biggest celebrity scandals that everybody’s talking about. Featuring Whitney Houston, Lindsay Lohan, Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise, George Michael, Naomi Campbell, David Hasselhoff and Tom Cruise.

Monday Night Documentaries: My Child’s Psychic

VIBE – Monday 3 December, 8.30pm

This fascinating documentary follows two children and their mothers on their extraordinary journeys into the spirit world. Both children, according to their mothers, are at a critical point in their spiritual development. Nicola is convinced that her fifteen-year old daughter Heather is an Indigo child. Followers believe that they are part of an evolutionary leap and communicate with one another telepathically and have a natural ability to heal. We follow Heather over the summer as she tries to develop her psychic abilities. For his Mum, eight-year old Oliver’s situation is more worrying. From an early age she says he has had a sixth sense where he regularly sees spirits. This combined with a behavioural disorder that has been diagnosed as ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – motivates Simone to try to seek answers to her son’s increasingly perplexing behaviour.

Monday Night Documentaries: Extreme Celebrity Debt

VIBE – Monday 26 November, 8.30pm

Everyone assumes that rich and famous go hand in hand. But maintaining the lifestyle of an A Lister requires a hefty paycheck and for every Madonna there’s a Maradonna waiting in the wings. But which of today’s stars have managed to rack up the biggest bills? Whose bank accounts are as empty as their diaries? And which household names are only moments from wrack and ruin? We count of the cost of stardom as we dissect 10 of the biggest names in entertainment and chart their fall from hero to zero.

The Monday Night Documentary Slot Mondays at 8:30pm

Monday nights on TVNZ Showcase are home to documentaries that profile artists from around the world. This week kicks off the Monday night documentary series, on Monday 26 November at 8:30pm on TVNZ 6.

The first story is Love and Anarchy: The Wild, Wild World. This is the story of performer, diversional therapist, musician, broadcaster, night club impresario, archivist and passionate champion of outsider culture, Jaimie Leonarder. His many forays and endeavours have earned him an international cult status, but he remains virtually unknown in his hometown, Sydney.
Jaimie’s life is intriguing: he spent many years working on the front-line of street welfare and as a therapist caring for the most extreme suffers of mental and physical disabilities, and yet had a parallel journey into the world of show business, performance and art.

Love and Anarchy explores Jaimie’s unrelenting, hyper-eclectic and often-bizarre world of outcasts and neglected counter-culture. It is an unconventional story about the need for to belong and to pursue passions against the odds.

Other titles in the Monday night documentary slot include: Painting With Light in a Dark World – the story of photographer Peter Darren Moyle, on a photographic odyssey through Sydney’s dark underbelly; The Real Jane Austen – a film that reveals Jane Austen as part of a strata of regency society much crueller in its treatment of women, and harsher in its economic realities than her novels seek to convey; and Fantastic Mr Dahl – a look at the life of the extraordinary author whose adverse path to success helped to create some of the greatest stories ever read.

The Monday night documentary on TVNZ Showcase promises to intrigue and engage viewers through the unconventional stories of some of the world’s most interesting and eccentric artists.