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Join host Genevieve Westcott for your weekly financial information when MONEY TALKS premieres on Country99TV, Wednesday May 4 at 8.30pm. 

James Shortall, ASB’s Rural Economist, is a regular guest on the show and joins Genevieve and special guest, Nevil Gibson, Editor in Chief of The National Business Review and NBR Online. 

Mr Gibson oversees three NBR newsletters on the food industry, legal affairs, and commercial property. He also writes about business books in Unlimited magazine and films in NZ Catholic. He judges several business awards, including Auckland’s regional awards, and for Indian and Pacific businesses. 

In a recent announcement the New Zealand Government has confirmed a contestable fund worth $850,000 to drive further growth of the red meat industry. 

The Red Meat Market Development Contestable Fund is a joint initiative between New Zealand Trade and Enterprise and Beef and Lamb, with funding allocated to successful applicants on a 50/50 basis. 

The fund is aimed to encourage innovative industryled projects that would lift the profitability, competitiveness and sustainable growth of the meat sector. 

The New Zealand red meat industry was New Zealand’s second-largest export earner, which was worth $5 billion in export revenue last year. 

This week on MONEY TALKS, find out the latest New Zealand trade data and learn more about Prime Minister John Key’s European visit. 

Bilateral trade between New Zealand and the 27 EU nations is worth $12b each year, on the same scale as commerce with China and the United States. 

The MONEY TALKS panel of experts also delve into the latest rural economic intelligence from ASB’s April report. 

“Currency strategists pick the NZD to strengthen across the board,” says James Shortall. 

“Global research suggests with about 300-350 major natural disasters, global growth will be shaved by 0.2%,” adds Shortall. 

Find out more about food price inflation, with global food prices up 46% over the past four years, according to the Food & Agriculture Organisation. 

The MONEY TALKS panel also looks into commodity prices which are seeing the largest boom in more that 100 years, with China – and not speculators – driving the rise. 

With global dairy prices riding high, the team discloses what our experts are watching as dairy production in the United States continues with its steady increase. For all this and more join Genevieve and her panel of special guests on MONEY TALKS, premiering on Country99TV, Wednesday 4th May at 8.30pm.