Monkey Thieves

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Saturday 28 February, 5.00pm

The day after the great battle, Tarak and Rani have disappeared but there are some new faces in the fold. Some of the Galta Gang females have given birth. As the troop crowd around the new arrivals, crafty Zamir creeps back into the Temple and he steals food from a visitor. The commotion alerts the Galta gang and big Kamal stands up to the Gang’s old enemy. Zamir backs off, but plans a sneakier line of attack. He’s not the only one sneaking around. The monkey catcher has laid a trap behind the Temple and the over-confident Zamir falls for it. After over six months on the run he’s finally caught and will now be relocated far away from Jaipur. It’s great news for the Galta gang, but Kamal makes a tragic discovery: Tarak’s lifeless body. His injuries from the previous afternoon’s battle were too severe and he didn’t survive the night. On the brighter side, Rani has reappeared safe and well, and she’s clutching a tiny baby. It seems Tarak has left behind a son: Tarak Junior. Kamal braces himself for leadership of the Galta gang. He’s proved himself in a fight but will still need to win over Rani and the females if he wants to secure the top job. But the honour of leading the Galta Gang could turn out to be a poisoned chalice. Tarak isn’t the only one who has fathered a son. Zamir’s gone one better and left newborn twins at large in Jaipur. It seems there’s double trouble on the horizon; triple if Zamir manages to make his way back.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Saturday 21 February, 5.00pm

As the commotion of the Holi festival dies down the Galta gang venture into town to inspect the damage. Little Esha gets distracted by the colourful flower market and loses sight of the troop. She finds a new friend to play with but the mischievous pair are spotted by Zamir. Before he can strike a blow against a member of the Galta gang, a knight in shining enamel comes to the rescue. Faced with both Fang and Zamir, Esha turns tail and flees. She’s lost in a dangerous city. At animal charity Help in Suffering, Suresh finally succeeds in having his poorly monkey patient swallow an antibiotic by crushing it up inside a traditional Indian milk sweet. The sugar disguises the bitter taste of the drug. The mother and her baby may soon be fit enough to be released back to the city. Just before Zamir launches his latest attack on the Temple, Kavi suddenly realises he’s joined up with the wrong gang and heads back to the Galta gang. As Zamir and his troop launch their assault a huge battle erupts at the Temple with so much at stake it could be a fight to the death. Tarak is seriously injured, but fortunately Kamal, his placid right-hand man, rallies the troops and they just manage to hold their ground. But Zamir plans to be back.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Saturday 14 February, 5.00pm

The Galta gang find their Temple home under threat from a troop of langurs. But Bipin, Yash, Tito and Tarak see them off. In Delhi, langurs are much more of threat. They are used as a monkey police force, patrolling the city with a human handler and scaring marauding macaques away from important buildings. While many of the Help In Suffering staff attend the city’s Elephant Festival, animal carer Suresh Valmiki is back at base and struggling to get his latest patient to take her medicine. Things are not looking good for the baby monkey in his care. Kavi gets a lesson in highway robbery from his devious uncle Zamir who steals a handbag and coerces its disgruntled owner into bartering with him to get it back. He scores a bunch of bananas and is feeling ready to take on Tarak and the Temple. But Zamir’s attempt at a coup is thwarted as the whole town erupts into colour and welcomes the arrival of Spring via the Holi festival.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Saturday 7 February, 5.00pm

Vasu has been trapped by the monkey catcher and transported far out of town, leaving Zamir to assume command of his own troop. To test their mettle the new boss leads them towards Fang’s market. Stealing breakfast from under his nose will be a tough test. But when Zamir arrives he finds the market is closed and Fang nowhere to be seen. Plan B – Zamir spots another opportunity. An open window leads them into a jewellery storeroom and the gang make off with the valuables, leaving Fang and his resident troop looking like the guilty party. Suresh is concerned when Help In Suffering get an emergency call about a lone monkey in distress. He fears it could be his old friend Kavi. Expert animal rescuer Bal Chand returns to base with the stricken monkey in a sack. To Suresh’s relief it turns out not to be Kavi, but a mother and her newborn baby. This poses a whole new set of problems for Suresh. While Vasu and his exiled band try to get to grips with life in the country, Zamir is going from strength to strength at home in the city. He breaks into a hotel store-room and celebrates finding a successful meal by downing a bottle of booze. Zamir thinks he’s hallucinating when his long lost nephew Kavi appears at the hotel. Kavi has no idea his unruly uncle has been ousted from the Galta gang. The naive youngster is only too pleased to join his old family member.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Saturday 31 January, 5.00pm

Zamir and his new gang explore some new turf and raid an office when a businessman goes out on an errand. They ransack the premises but find nothing to eat. After a breakfast of chapattis courtesy of visitors to the temple, the Galta gang venture back into town to investigate the mystery of the cage holding Kavi. Yash and Tito are still wary of the situation but Bipin recognises the face inside and is soon grooming his old friend through the cage bars. Suresh is satisfied and opens the gate, but freedom seems to go to Kavi’s head and he makes a run for it out into the streets and disappears. Zamir and his troop are still hungry after their fruitless office raid. Vasu, the alpha male has found food at the grain market, but the monkey catcher has been called. Zamir recognises his old foe and steers clear of his cages, but Vasu and his henchmen seem unaware of the threat and fall into his trap. After evading capture, Zamir is the oldest and fittest male left in the troop it seems he’s fast-tracked it to the top.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Saturday 24 January, 5.00pm

The exiled Zamir nurses his grudge against the Galta Gang and sets about acquiring a new troop so that he has enough support to take them on. Fang, Jaipurs most notorious mobster, could make a powerful ally, but when Zamir tries to gain access to Fangs market gang by flirting with one of his females, he only succeeds in making another enemy. Kavi is taken back to the place where he had his accident and is prepared for release. But Suresh and the team at animal charity Help in Suffering must make sure he will be accepted back into his troop before setting him free. It is touch and go whether or not he will be welcomed home. If the troop reject him, he faces a life behind bars. The Galta Gang see him, but to them cages mean the monkey catcher and they stay well away. Zamir stalks a lone woman out grocery shopping but is forced to forfeit his prize when he follows her into another troops territory. Despite Zamirs trespassing, the new gang seem impressed with his food finding abilities and it looks as though hes found himself a new troop to gang up with at last.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Saturday 17 January, 5.00pm

In India’s capital, New Delhi. The government is clamping down on the hoards of marauding macaques that are terrorising the city’s population. Offices have been ransacked, sensitive documents exposed, government officials attacked, and worst of all, monkeys have been held directly responsible for the deaths of several Delhi citizens. The supreme court has decreed that the city must be monkey-free. Life for the Galta gang has been peaceful for the last six months. But one gang member has been absent. Kavi has been convalescing in animal sanctuary Help In Suffering. And now he’s ready for release back to the city. Its time for his carer Suresh to say goodbye. The Galta gang go to town for their regular meal from Vijay Sharma who came to their aid during the recent drought. Young Anoop spots an opportunity for dessert and the gang raid an unattended ice-cream cart. Watching from the shadows, exiled Zamir misses out on the feast, and then steals an ice-cream from a child. The local people are outraged at the attack and the country’s leading monkey catcher drops his work in Delhi and rushes back to Jaipur.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Saturday 6 September, 7.00pm

Zamir launches a leadership bid that ends in disaster when a baby is fatally wounded but Tarak stands firm and the pretender to his throne is driven out of the group. The monsoon finally comes ending the crippling drought and triggering a spectacular celebratory festival. Hospitalised Kavi has pulled through and is gaining strength – he’ll soon be fit enough to be released. And to top it all off, the exiled monkeys finally make it back to the temple and the Galta gang are reunited.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Saturday 23 August, 7.00pm

The Galta Gang hits rock bottom. Yash and Tito, exiled and lost in the jungle, are pining for home. Back in the city, life is even worse. It seems the whole world has turned against Tarak and his troop. Tarak’s leadership itself hangs by a threat, but when Zamir tries to muscle in on the choicest food offerings at the temple, Tarak claims his rightful prize, proving to everyone he’s still in charge. Meanwhile the Queen’s daughter Binita abducts her sister to play mother, but she’s playing with fire when other troop members find out. An attempted coup, a kidnapping, and the troop haven’t even had breakfast. With Tarak’s arch rival Fang and his bruisers guarding their patch around the market more fiercely than ever, the Galta Gang’s deliverance arrives in the form of a devout follower of Hanuman the monkey god, on a mercy mission for Jaipur’s starving monkeys.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Saturday 23 August, 7.00pm

The monkey catcher releases his captives out in the country, far from their temple home. Lost and bewildered, they are unused to foraging for food in their natural environment. Meanwhile, Tarak is having a tough time at the top and Zamir’s position as pretender to the throne is getting stronger. The monkeys are horrified when the monkey catcher turns up at the temple but he’s not here to capture them, he’s a devout Hindu, here to pray to Hanuman the monkey god. But the troop is too suspicious to accept the food he offers them. Bipin seems to be missing Yash and Tito and won’t join in with the others when they try to steal and shred laundry. Tarak leads the gang on a raid at a taxi stand, but the vehicles are empty and he heads home empty-handed. But scheming Zamir hangs back and spots a window of opportunity. The rest of the troop follow Zamir and slip through the open window of a car, stealing the groceries inside and wrecking the upholstery. Back at the animal hospital Kavi’s taken a turn for the worse. He’s stopped eating or drinking. The future’s not looking good.