8:30pm Tuesday, August 2 on Prime

Drama Series

In tonight’s series finale, Monroe is finally forced to confront the painful truth about his past when a lively night shift at the hospital suddenly takes a darker turn. When a thirteen year old girl is admitted following a road accident, Monroe knows that there is little chance of saving her and an operation could leave her severely damaged. However, her father begs him to operate and give her a chance to live – whatever the consequences. Shepherd sees that Monroe is wavering and accuses him of allowing his emotions to cloud his judgement.

But Monroe is a father as well as a surgeon, and seeing this young girl makes his own pain come flooding back. Can Monroe save her, and will he ever be able to let go of his own grief and make peace with his family? Shepherd is still smarting from his break up with Bremner, but finds it impossible to avoid her at the hospital. When Monroe discovers that he is thinking about leaving, he begs Bremner to give his best friend a second chance, but Shepherd is not prepared for what Bremner has to tell him. Meanwhile, the competition between the trainees intensifies as the day of their assessments arrives. Springer is sure that Monroe wants to get rid of him, but Wilson has a surprise in store. Witney is frustrated when she loses out on a training opportunity to Mullery, but Mullery has bigger concerns as Fortune continues to feel the impact of her surgery.

8:30pm Tuesday, July 19 on Prime

Drama Series

Tonight Monroe’s life plunges further into chaos as he discovers that ‘civilized divorce’ is harder than he had ever imagined. As Anna starts a new life, Monroe is determined to show that he can move on too, but his attempts to enter the world of dating seem doomed to failure. At the hospital, Monroe is sure that surgery can help Brendan, a family man whose epileptic seizures have been getting worse. However, Brendan has other ideas: he firmly believes that God is talking to him during his seizures, and is reluctant to give up these powerful religious experiences, even if it means that his condition will deteriorate.

Monroe tries to persuade him to go ahead with the operation, but Brendan’s teenage daughter, Phoebe, accuses Monroe of being too arrogant to understand her father’s special closeness to God. Is Monroe right to try to persuade him, and what will Brendan decide to put his faith in? Witney and Mullery are unnerved by Bremner’s suspiciously good mood, but Monroe is sure that he knows her secret. Meanwhile, Witney struggles to prove that she isn’t judgemental, Bremner has to treat a young patient with a crush on her and Springer continues to infuriate Monroe.

8:30pm Tuesday, July 12 on Prime

Drama Series

Tonight on Prime’s latest hit drama, Monroe throws himself into his job, tackling life at the hospital with his usual energy and humour. When Anna makes it clear that she has moved on, he tries to embrace his new single status, but is he ready to leave the past behind? An ex-soldier is admitted with a blood clot in his brain and Monroe takes the controversial decision to avoid surgery. As he comes under increasing pressure to operate, will his “wait and see” approach be the right one? Bremner is torn when she is asked to operate on an elderly lady for the second time. Will she break her own rule and let emotion get in the way of her clinical instincts? And Shepherd remains tight lipped about the details of his mystery date. Monroe finds Shepherd’s love life a welcome distraction from his own, but he is shocked when the identity of his friend’s new woman is finally revealed.

8:35pm Tuesday, July 5 on Prime

Drama Series

Tuesday nights offer the best drama currently available on television on Prime and in this week’s second episode Monroe struggles to accept the fact that his wife, Anna, has left him, he throws himself into work and tries to pretend that his life is not in free fall.

His best friend and anaesthetist Shepherd can see straight through him, and his teenage son is demanding answers – but can Monroe find the courage to admit the truth about why his marriage has ended? At the hospital, the bitter and funny personality clash between Monroe and Bremner continues, as they deal with a double shooting. Monroe is forced to resort to extreme measures to prove that the boys are in good hands, but his attempts to help are less than welcome. Shepherd is buoyed up by a mystery date, but refuses to share any details with Monroe and Bradley. Meanwhile, Bremner discovers that even the trainees are gossiping about her impersonal attitude to her patients, and Witney has some explaining to do.

8:35pm Tuesday, June 28 on Prime

Drama Series

This gripping and smart new British drama stars James Nesbitt (Cold Feet) as Gabriel Monroe, a brilliant neurosurgeon, husband and father. Every day he makes life or death decisions, the odds are often stacked against him but he has no choice but to play the odds. At home things aren’t as black and white and he is afraid to admit that his family life is falling apart. Monroe is joined by a wonderful cast including Sarah Parish (Cutting It; Mistresses) who plays colleague and rival, heart surgeon Jenny Bremner who is not Monroe’s biggest fan, Tom Riley (Lost in Austen) as anaesthetist Dr Laurence Shepherd and Susan Lynch (Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Nora) is Anna, Monroe’s wife. Tonight, on the first episode a young woman is admitted with a brain tumour, Monroe has to help her to decide whether or not to undergo surgery that could change who she is. Can Monroe support his patient as his own life spirals out of control?