Monster House




Steve and his high-rolling rat pack of builders will try to beat the odds and bring the snap, crackle and pop of the Vegas strip to the suburban palace of Nowheresville. But what have they forgotten?

Pyro is a professional fire-breather who likes it hot, no matter what he’s doing. His girlfriend, Veronica, provides most of the heat in his personal life, but their new house is too tepid for the couple. The solution? Steve Watson and the MONSTER HOUSE crew will bring in some of the steamy swinging style of Pyro and Veronica’s favorite party destination – Viva Las Vegas! Get ready to swelter in suburbia.

MONSTER HOUSE, Sunday 25th November at 6.00pm



Recent parents Andrew and Megan call on the MONSTER HOUSE team to transform their five-bedroom ‘do-up’ to a convenient, hassle-free but still fundamentally cool home á la The Jetsons.

Andrew and Megan share a five-bedroom house with Megan’s parents. The two couples decided to economize by pooling their resources to buy the home, and share the renovation duties for their fixer-upper. But life changed when Andrew and Megan’s baby arrived on the scene, taking the younger couple out of the construction picture. Now, the foursome wants MONSTER HOUSE to take them into their future…retro-style. Think George Jetson futurism, with conveyor belts, vacuum tubes, and push-button convenience. But Steve Watson and the team decide a crashed spaceship will look good in the foyer of the house, complete with smoke and lights, and many more additions. What will the neighbours think?

MONSTER HOUSE, Sunday 18th November at 6.00pm

Tonight’s family dreams of turning their home into their own English style pub. Steve and his team want to include gas lamps, steam vents, a projection of Jack the Ripper and a working bar.

Lars and Sunday live in a 1920s home with their son, Ean. Their home is warm and woodsy, but not particularly conducive to Lars’ entertaining style. Lars used to be a chef, and loves hosting enormous sit-down dinners for his friends and neighbours, but hates to be stuck in the kitchen when everyone else is having a good time. The family called in MONSTER HOUSE with the idea of bringing in an Old English theme to their home – one that would create space for their guests, and allow Lars to interact while he’s cooking. Steve Watson responds, taking the idea up a notch; why not create an Old English Pub? The trouble is they only have five days to do it.

MONSTER HOUSE, Sunday 11th November at 6.00pm

The team has five days to turn an ordinary house into a Sultan’s Temple. All goes well until tensions rise and lack of sleep takes its toll.

Actress Anne Ramsay (Mad About You) was ready for a dramatic change to her beautiful home which is located on a hillside overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Originally built by Cecil B. DeMille for his mistress in 1924, Anne purchased the fixer-upper 10 years ago. However, she became too busy to finish the renovations.

To rescue her from her dilemma, Anne requested that the MONSTER HOUSE crew come in to create something exotic — a Sultan’s Palace — that would match the romantic Colonial Spanish theme of the home, as well as her theatrical personality.

Steve Watson is happy to help, and the crew is up to the task but will the radical changes work to Anne’s satisfaction?

MONSTER HOUSE, Sunday 4th November at 6.00pm on PRIME

Think of it as a home show on steroids. A fireplace is turned into a giant Tiki god, kitchen cabinets made from tool boxes, a volcano with a hot tub inside, a two-tiered ultimate sport’s fan sofa, with microwave and fridge.

In each episode, host Steve Watson and a team of five builder contestants have just five days to pull off an over-the-top remodel that would take a normal contractor weeks to do.

Working with designs based on a theme the homeowners have agreed to, they “monsterise” two or three rooms, transforming them into a casino, a tropical paradise – adding features found nowhere else like a hydraulic bed, a drawbridge table, an indoor ice rink. If they succeed, the builders each win a tool package. The homeowners get a free remodel. The catch: all design and construction decisions are in the hands of Steve and his crew. During the build, all our homeowners know is what they can see from a motor home parked at the curb.

MONSTER HOUSE, Sunday 21st October at 6.00pm on PRIME