Monster Moves

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Sunday 28 September, 9:30pm

Two teams of movers attempt to haul two precious structures across land and water. In Iowa, a team attempts to haul a huge 1,000 ton historic brick Hall through the middle of a bustling city. Will the unwieldy and fragile four-storey structure survive the journey intact? While in Vancouver, Canada, a team of vintage aircraft enthusiasts attempt to cut up and dismantle a precious Lockheed Loadstar plane to move 40 miles across bustling city roads.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Sunday 21 September, 8:30pm

Two teams of building movers attempt to move two colossal and fragile wooden buildings. In Manitoba, Canada’s leading heavy hauler Harold Minty attempts to relocate a titanic tavern 50 kilometres over a mountain encrusted in snow and ice. The sprawling 8,000 square foot Pembina Crossing restaurant has been bought by members of Minnewasta’s Golf & Country Club. Will the building survive the slippery road trek intact? Meanwhile, in Staunton, Virginia Jimmy Matyiko attempts to haul an entire complex of farm buildings across the countryside. With four historic structures to move including a fragile farmhouse and rickety barn, Jimmy finds himself in a race against time as stormy weather strikes.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Sunday 14 September, 8.30pm

Two teams of building movers attempt to haul two huge homes to new locations. In Seattle, newly-weds Tawny and Ian Wilson attempt to move a period house into the city across land and sea to live in. Ian is 6 foot 9 inches tall. No house in the town he lives in has ceilings tall enough for him to live in comfortably. Will their dream dwelling survive the journey intact? While in Texas, a building collector pieces together a historic “time that town forgot”. His dream is to move a 300 ton stone Ranch into his unique village for his 65-year old mother to retire to. After his fraught attempts to haul the ranch across the countryside, he makes the astonishing move of covering the relocated building in wrapping paper to present to his mother as a surprise. What will she make of this ultimate gift?

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Sunday 7 September, 8.30pm

A team of British engineers face an epic 7,000 mile journey by road, rail and sea to transport a vintage, 100 ton steam locomotive from Bloemfontein in the heart of South Africa to Glasgow, Scotland. Britain’s leading heavy hauler Andrew Goodman and restoration engineer Jim Mitchell must first surmount a series of daunting challenges. Their plan to drive the locomotive 600 miles across the African Plains from Bloemfontein to Durban port on a truck backfires when transport police rule the vehicle incapable of handling the load. Can they find an alternative way of transporting the fragile 15F locomotive to the docks in time to catch their cargo ship to Glasgow, Scotland?

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Sunday 31 August, 7.30pm

Two teams of building movers attempt two remarkable rescue missions – hauling a lofty lighthouse off a crumbling cliff and moving a town falling into a mineshaft. On Nantucket Island in Massachusetts, Jerry Matyiko is relocating historic Sankaty Lighthouse away from the battered cliff edge. The lighthouse weighs over 400 tonnes and is over 90ft tall. Can the team keep the building upright and level as it moves along a unique rail track to a safer location inland? While in Sweden, house mover Andreas Martensson relocates homes in a mining town. With the mine underneath the town collapsing, Andreas is locked in a race against time to move everyone to safety before the arctic winter weather strikes.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Sunday 24 August, 10.30pm

The relocation of twenty of Egypt’s finest ancient temples, moved from the rising waters of the River Nile in the 1960s, is one of the great moves of all time. Through stunning CGI animations and rare colour archival footage, see how engineers cut up the precious twin temples of Abu Simbel into over 1,000 massive blocks to move them – and the mountain they were carved into – piece by piece to safety on higher ground. Royal Navy diver Ed Thompson recounts how they rescued monuments flooded on the Island of Philae, by dismantling them underwater and floating them to the surface. Then see how engineers moved the 900 tonne temple of Amada three kilometres on rail tracks across the Egyptian sands to safer ground.